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The Devil's Own Luck  (Read 5770 times)

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Re: The Devil's Own Luck
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Day 3 - Home Improvement

Today Hebron advised me to recruit a blacksmith. My artifacts could use some reforging, so I agreed. While they were busy selecting the best candidate, I decided to explore a new realm, so I used the Teleportation Shrine.

I found myself in Eternity's End, Vertraag's domain. I heard that familiar whisper in my head and looked for Vertraag's altar.

Fancy seeing you again!

I decided to explore this realm to see if I could make him happy, like I did Regalis and Torun. The number of enemy creatures kept increasing and now they attacked me in groups of three. I found a strange rift and entered it, curious of where it might lead. A Dragon attacked me, but when I tried to extract its core, I found that I couldn't. Some creatures were impossible to extract unless I knew exactly how to do it. I defeated it and got lots of resources as a reward for my efforts. Then I found a strange sphere which summoned some creatures for me to fight. Vertraag seemed pleased that I'd overcome the trial. I found a second, purple sphere that seemed to accelerate time around me. Due to that, the blacksmith was probably recruited by now. The third sphere was blue, and it granted my creatures temporary strength. After I'd found all three, Vertraag called me to his side.

He taught me another alteration spell - I would be able to travel to Eternity's End at will. He also gave me a Pit Wraith creature and I felt that familiar strength surging through me.

Instead of going back to Siralim, I decided to venture further.

This time I appeared underwater! I quickly cast a spell so my creatures and I could breathe and swam towards the origin of the whisper I'd heard.

I am Friden, God of the Sea. May the depths of the sea offer you little danger and great fortune, Umaro.

A well-mannered god! I was starting to think Vertraag was an exception.

I found a red token in a treasure chest, and got some nice resources after I used it. Channeling the Pandemonium is risky, but this time it paid off.

While opening shells to get some pearls, I found a large, golden key inside one of them. There was a large treasure chest nearby that I unlocked with it. I also found a haunted mask that I exorcised by destroying some ghosts. Friden seemed pleased. I kept finding gold coins on the seafloor, and for some reason Friden enjoyed watching me take them. After a while, he called out to me.

I hope these waters have yielded a plentiful bounty for you thus far, Umaro.

He taught me his alteration spell and gave me a Forsaken creature.

I had enough strength for one last realm, so I kept going.

This time I found myself in the Swamplands. They were full of enemy creatures, that now attacked me in groups of four. I quickly found this realm's altar.

Ah, hello there! I'm Meraxis. Please, make yourself at home here in my beautiful swamp!

My first impression of the gods hadn't been a good one, but the new gods I kept encountering were much more polite than I expected.

I destroyed some obelisks that stood to worship a false god, and cleansed some of Meraxis's temples of evil creatures that were within. I found a strange egg inside a treasure chest. It looked alive, so I took it with me. However, Meraxis never called me and I had to leave without the alteration spell for the Swamplands.

I needed a break, so I returned to Siralim. Hebron didn't seem happy with our new blacksmith, so I decided to go talk to him. Ianne was extremely creepy and awkward, but he was the best blacksmith around, or so I'd been told. His assistant Kalzor salvaged my spare artifacts and gave me materials in return. I only kept my Nature, Chaos, Life, and Death Shields in case I ever needed them. I had Ianne reforge my creatures' artifacts and went back to Hebron. He seemed startled as he told me that King Andrick, the late king of Nex, had been spotted. He should be dead, so I decided to investigate in case some force of evil had a hand in his revival. Before that, though, I gave the order to recruit an Enchanter and a Chef. I would need their services if I was to succeed in this war.

Then I went to bed, as I was extremely tired.[/spoiler]

That Night

[spoiler]Someone, or something was calling me. I could feel it even as I slept, even as I realized I'd been awake and walking for quite some time. I didn't know when I'd entered Eternity's End, but I was now in front of a Rift in spacetime. I entered it. Some creatures threw themselves at me, just like the last time I'd been there, but something was different this time. One of the creatures stood back and watched me defeat them, then spoke to me.

You're Umaro, the so-called King of Siralim. I have a... proposition for you. Don't worry, Vertraag can't hear us in here.

I was intrigued by this creature, so I listened.

Find my five brothers. Together, we'll summon our master from the depths of Hell. We'll be yours to command, as long as you wish it.

"What's the catch?" I asked.

You'll have to make a pact with me. You won't be able to command any creature other than us... and your "gods" will hate you for it if they ever find out.

You're the only one strong enough to fulfill our plans. What say you?

Something clicked inside me. I HAD to do this. I would never be as strong as my father by following in his footsteps, but I could use this power, as well as the mysterious power I seemed to get by manipulating the gods into liking me, to become even stronger than he ever was. I knew Devils were incapable of lying and breaking promises, and I didn't really care much about what their "plan" was as long as it didn't affect my kindgom. I agreed.

I'm glad we were able to reach an agreement.

He smiled as he cut his wrist with his blade, spraying blood all over. He asked me to drink some of it. My creatures left me - I could tell they were disappointed in me. However, my (my father's?) Sand Giant shook his head at me and attacked the Devil. I quickly cast a spell that scattered the sand in his body all over the room, killing him. The Twisted Devil just laughed as I drank his blood. I could feel its taint all through my body.

Let's go to your castle. We have some work ahead of us.

He joined me, and together we returned to Siralim.

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Re: The Devil's Own Luck
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Day 2 - Hostile Henchman

[spoiler]Damaos woke me up today with bad news. A monstrous creature was heading towards Siralim, presumably summoned by Misery. It was my job to defeat it and protect my kingdom.

Before departing, I summoned a Coast Watcher, the only creature of which I had a spare core.

It looked as useless as the Wolpertinger, and just as ugly. I didn't even have any Sorcery spell gems for it. Still, I figured it was better than nothing.

I used the Teleportation Shrine and this time I found myself in a cave full of spider webs. I heard one of those familiar whispers in my head and felt a sense of obligation to seek it out. I quickly found the source.

Oh, today is my lucky day. The pleasure is mine... though I'm not opposed to returning the favor. I am Regalis, Goddess of Poison. But there's no fun in any of this without a bit of teasing first. Therefore, I bid you farewell.

I have no words to describe the lecherous being that appeared before me. So I won't. But I could feel her gratitude whenever I avoided stepping on her "children", the green spiderlings that were all over this horrible realm. I found and extracted many creatures. They were getting easier to defeat. Amidst the spider webs, I found a treasure chest that was moving. Stupidly, I opened it, only to be attacked by a Mimic. I survived the encounter thanks to my Sand Giant and managed to loot its bountiful corpse.

Eventually, Regalis called me again.

Thank you for coming. I want you to come again and again.

I cringed as she taught me a spell that would allow me to return to that place whenever I wanted. She also gave me one of her children, a Spitting Arachnalisk, to accompany me.

For some reason, I felt much stronger after this, like she'd lent me a bit of her essence. Perhaps if I kept all of these gods happy I would become as strong as my father quickly enough.

I couldn't return to Siralim until I had defeated my enemy, so I used the Teleportation Shrine to keep going.

I found myself in a jungle. Instead of a whisper, however, an extremely loud voice greeted me. I proceeded to seek it out.


Why were all of these gods so obnoxious? Still, I needed his strength, so I decided to do what I could to help him before I left this realm.

The first thing I noticed was an increase in the enemy creatures I was facing. There were so many that they attacked me in pairs. Still, they were no match for my Sand Giant and I got some cores out of it.

I found some totems with an angry face. I destroyed some of them and I could tell Torun was starting to appreciate the gesture, even if he didn't show it. Some annoying Imps asked me for hallucinogenic mushrooms, which I quickly found and gave to them just so they would shut up. I found a Ruh Rune in a treasure chest. I had no use for it, but I decided to keep it for the time being.

When I was about to leave, Torun called me over.


I felt that strength surging through me again. He must have been happy despite what he said. He also taught me a spell to return to the Cutthroat Jungle whenever I wanted. I could tell I was about to face the monstrous creature that was heading for Siralim, but I didn't feel ready. I returned to Siralim, knowing I could go back to that point in an instant, and summoned an Iron Golem to complete my team. Six creatures was all I could handle.

On the way back, I ordered my Iron Golem to extract a Stronghold core, and it suddenly turned into a Granite Golem. An interesting ability, I thought.

Now I felt as ready as I would ever feel to face that horrible creature. I could see it in the distance, a monstrous Pit Worm making its way towards me. When it saw me, it spoke:

How fortuitousss. You've saved me a lot of time wandering through the desert wassstelands to reach you, wretched king. I will make a sssavory meal of your creaturesss!

Then it summoned an Iron Golem and a Unicorn Vivifier. I knew the Unicorn was trouble, so I had my Wolpertinger cast Shellbust on it. It fell to my Imp's attack. Then I saw the Pit Worm was regenerating and creating magical barriers without even casting a spell, so I focused on the Iron Golem. It fell to the rest of my creatures' attacks. I was starting to feel confident in my abilities! The monstrous Pit Worm put up quite a fight, but it wasn't enough to beat my numbers and it fell to the ground, disintegrating almost instantly. In its place was a floating, glowing orb.

I could feel a mysterious power calling out to me from inside the orb, but I couldn't quite understand it.

When I returned to Siralim, Damaos was impressed that I'd actually won against that creature. He called it the Ceaseless Gladiator, and said that he wouldn't have sent me there if he'd known. I showed him the Nether Orb I found, and he was happy I'd taken it away from that creature. After all, Nether Orbs are the catalysts by which one may ascend to godhood.

That night I was so tired I fell asleep almost instantly.


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Re: The Devil's Own Luck
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Day 1 - The Beginning

[spoiler]I am Umaro, the King of Siralim.

Ever since I was a child, I've been hearing voices in my head. I could never understand what they were saying, but today was different. Today I suddenly blacked out and found myself in a strange location, talking to a being the likes of whom I'd never seen before.

Oh my! Could it really be you? Have I finally found the one I'm looking for? Quickly, human - tell me your name!

I wasn't sure what to do, so I told my name to the strange being.

Yes, yes... it IS you! Umaro, you have no idea how long I've been looking for you - the esteemed King of Siralim!

Then he (it?) proceeded to ask about my gender and my magical orientation. I responded to all of his questions. I am a Nature Mage, like my father, the previous King of Siralim, was. I've never really shared his wanderlust, instead leaving the travelling to my faithful scouts and servants while I walked the halls of Siralim. I still haven't been able to construct a proper throne (my father didn't seem to need one), so walking and spending time with my people was the best way to spend my free time.

Oh, but where are my manners? My name is Vertraag, God of Time, and the Eternity's End is where I call home!

The creature claimed to be a god. He told me that my kingdom was in immediate danger from an evil demigod from the kingdom of Caedo called Misery. The reason he cared about that is the giant Nether Orb atop which Siralim sits. With it, Misery could become a god, and Vertraag was unable to intervene in order to prevent it. Apparently Misery has already killed most of the rulers and I'm the only option left.

I think he noticed I'm not nearly as strong as my father was, because he decided to train me.

I then noticed another, very ugly, creature looking at me from a distance. I recognized it as a Giant, a family of creatures that my father used as bodyguards. I think it may have even been one of his, since it seemed to recognize me.

Vertraag then summoned some creatures that my new Giant easily dispatched. He gave me a Sword and a Gem of Shellbust. I felt much stronger after the training.

He then asked me to tell my advisors about Misery, bolster my army and hone my skills. He would tell me how to breach Misery's castle and destroy him only when I was ready.

I don't think I'll ever be ready.

Upon returning to Siralim, I discussed the situation with my most trusted wards, Damaos and Hebron. They've always told me that the voices I heard were that of the gods and now they were proven right. They began the preparations - I would need to be at least as strong as my father was when he disappeared before facing this Misery character that wanted to kill me. They gave me a Core that my scouts had recently found in their travels and asked me to use my father's old Summoning Brazier to summon it.

It was something I'd never seen before. Katarina the librarian told me it was a Wolpertinger, a Nature creature capable of casting spells even without gems. I found it just as ugly as the Giant, but I would need its strength for the time being. She then gave me some spell gems to help me on my journey. Nothing too fancy, but something told me to keep the Morph:Nature gem she gave me. I would need it.

Damaos then asked me to use the Teleportation Shrine to travel to another realm and get stronger. I knew how to extract cores, but I'd never really been interested in travelling and battling. I had no choice now.

I found myself in a desert called The Barrens. The first creature I encountered was a Skeleton with a sniper rifle. It killed my Wolpertinger in one shot, but its bullets just went through my Sand Giant's body without harming him. I'd learned from my father how to resurrect and heal creatures shortly after a battle, and I did just that. Then I found a Death Shield in a treasure chest. I've always preferred these Shields to other artifacts, so I decided to keep it for the time being.

I then encountered a Manticore, and the same thing happened. This Giant was turning out to be really strong, even if I didn't like him. I also fought a giant eyeball (Katarina later told me it's called a Watcher) and dispatched it with ease. I gathered some resources around the area and traded firewood for some more resources with the travelers I met before returning to Siralim. For some reason, some strange emblems were appearing in my pockets every time I did something relevant. I just assumed it had something to do with Vertraag.

Then I returned to Siralim for some well-earned rest.
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The Devil's Own Luck
Reply #1 July 07, 2016, 05:17:51 AM
I've decided to start a new game, since I already have all of the achievements except for the realm level ones in my first file and I don't feel like getting them just yet. I want to experience a new game with all the changes since 0.0.1 came out more than a month ago.

Of course, I'm going to be doing a challenge!

The rules are simple: I can only use one of each Devil (only applicable after I get my first Twisted Devil). That means I'll have a 5-creature party until I beat the final boss, and a 1-creature party until I get the Breeding Master. Also, they must all be 0 Gene Strength creatures.

(Thanks to Chumsie for giving me the idea of a Devil team!)

I've decided to go with Nature Mage because the Adaptation perk fits my idea of a team of Devils. I'll try for a more journalish approach this time around.


Day 1 - The Beginning

Day 2 - Hostile Henchman

Day 3 - Home Improvement

Day 4 - Day of the Dead

Days 5 and 6 - A Pleasant Surprise

Day 7 - Phobos' Grip

Day 8

Day 9 - Light Fades, Shadows Lengthen

Day 10 - Chaos Reigns

Day 11

Day 12 - Tying Up Loose Ends - Aeolian

Day 13 - Tying Up Loose Ends - Azural

Day 14 - Tying Up Loose Ends - Erebyss

Day 15 - Tying Up Loose Ends - Lister

Day 16 - Tying Up Loose Ends - Friden

Day 17 - Tying Up Loose Ends - Surathli

Days 18-25 - Tying Up Loose Ends Abridged

Day 26 - Man Made God
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