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Umaro's Challenge Log  (Read 7756 times)

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Re: Umaro's Challenge Log
Reply #7 May 27, 2016, 10:48:01 PM
I haven't made one yet, but I found a recipe for Wall Giant, Any Gargantuan + Any Dragon.

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Re: Umaro's Challenge Log
Reply #6 May 27, 2016, 10:40:37 PM
Found a few Troll recipes, but I'm not sure if they're better than the Arsonist...

Edit: Also found some Minotaurs, but so far the beginner creatures seem better...
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Re: Umaro's Challenge Log
Reply #5 May 27, 2016, 09:14:43 PM
Please help me by posting recipes for the creatures I can use.

I already have the recipe for Minotaur Juggernaut, but I can't make him yet.

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Re: Umaro's Challenge Log
Reply #4 May 27, 2016, 09:01:19 PM
I experimented a bit with breeding and found two new giants, one aspect and two bats. Won't replace any of my monsters though.
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Re: Umaro's Challenge Log
Reply #3 May 27, 2016, 05:08:48 PM
Sand Giants are surprisingly useful. One-Eye is almost impossible to kill.

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Re: Umaro's Challenge Log
Reply #2 May 27, 2016, 02:14:10 PM
Things are going well so far  ;D

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Umaro's Challenge Log
Reply #1 May 27, 2016, 10:25:48 AM
Hi and welcome to my Adventure Log  :)

Here I will share the adventures of King Umaro. My main goal is to build a team of my favorite creature families and make it work somehow.

I like humanoid creatures like Giants and Minotaurs so I'll be starting as a Nature Mage to begin the game with a Sand Giant, one of my favorite creatures from Siralim 1. It has a different ability than it used to, but I still like it  ;D. I also like the Hybridization perk since I'll be using monsters from different families. I'll also set myself an interesting challenge:

I can only use monsters from the following families: Imlers, Imlings, Giants, Minotaurs, Imps, Aspects, Yetis and Trolls. Also, only one monster of each family can be in the team at the same time.

That should ensure I like my team visually and make it tougher to build a team that works.

I will update my log every time I find a new creature for my teams, posting screenshots of the creature and of my current team.

In the end, this Adventure Log should contain a picture of every single creature from these nine families along with instructions on how to obtain them.

Wish me luck!



Sandstone Imler - Extract core [spoiler][/spoiler]

Iron Imler - Any Imler + Iron Golem/Putrid Imling [spoiler][/spoiler]

Silver Imler - Any Imler + Any Smith/Silverclaw Griffon/Rancid Imling [spoiler][/spoiler]

Mithril Imler - Silver Imler + Regal Golem [spoiler][/spoiler]

Redstone Imler - Any Imler + Leda Imling [spoiler][/spoiler]

Boulder Imler - Any Imler + Granite Golem/Stone Devil/Tainted Imling [spoiler][/spoiler]


Varve Imling - Any Imp + Any Gargantuan [spoiler][/spoiler]

Rancid Imling - Any Imling + Any Forsaken [spoiler][/spoiler]

Leda Imling - Any Imling + Magma Golem [spoiler][/spoiler]

Putrid Imling - Any  Imling + Any Smog [spoiler][/spoiler]

Diamond Imling - Any Imling + Mithril Imler [spoiler][/spoiler]

Tainted Imling - Any Imling + Any Mummy [spoiler][/spoiler]


Sand Giant - Starting Creature for Nature Magi / Extract core [spoiler][/spoiler]

Stone Giant - Any Giant + Any Golem/Tremor [spoiler][/spoiler]

Tower Giant - Any Giant + Any Doomguard/Gargantuan [spoiler][/spoiler]

Wall Giant - Any Giant/Gargantuan + Any Dragon [spoiler][/spoiler]

Cosmic Giant - Any Giant + Any Occultist [spoiler][/spoiler]

Giant Mangler - Arena Prize [spoiler][/spoiler]

Colossal Giant - Tower Giant + Giant Mangler [spoiler][/spoiler]


Minotaur Warrior - Extract core [spoiler][/spoiler]

Minotaur Battlemaster - Any Minotaur + Any Phase Warrior [spoiler][/spoiler]

Minotaur Skullcrusher - Any Minotaur + Any Troll/Giant [spoiler][/spoiler]

Minotaur Juggernaut - Minotaur Battlemaster + Any Masochist [spoiler][/spoiler]

Minotaur Earthshaker - Any Minotaur + Any Tremor [spoiler][/spoiler]

Minotaur Behemoth - Minotaur Juggernaut + Any Cerberus [spoiler][/spoiler]


Imp Hexer - Become Respected by Torun in the Cutthroat Jungle [spoiler][/spoiler]

Imp Sacrificer - Become Honored by Torun in the Cutthroat Jungle [spoiler][/spoiler]

Imp Shaman - Become Revered by Torun in the Cutthroat Jungle [spoiler][/spoiler]

Imp Inscriber - Become Exalted by Torun in the Cutthroat Jungle [spoiler][/spoiler]

Imp Ritualist - Become Deified by Torun in the Cutthroat Jungle [spoiler][/spoiler]

Imp Necromancer - Any Imp + Trepidation Wight [spoiler][/spoiler]


Autumn Aspect - Extract core [spoiler][/spoiler]

Winter Aspect - Autumn Aspect + Any Vortex [spoiler][/spoiler]

Springtime Aspect - Winter Aspect + Any Vortex [spoiler][/spoiler]

Summer Aspect - Springtime Aspect + Any Vortex [spoiler][/spoiler]

Aspect of Seasons - Secret! [spoiler][/spoiler]


Frostbite Yeti - Become Respected with Azural in the Frostbite Caverns [spoiler][/spoiler]

Icemane Yeti - Become Honored with Azural in the Frostbite Caverns [spoiler][/spoiler]

Chillbreeze Yeti - Become Revered with Azural in the Frostbite Caverns [spoiler][/spoiler]

Coldslam Yeti - Become Exalted with Azural in the Frostbite Caverns [spoiler][/spoiler]

Snowsting Yeti - Become Deified with Azural in the Frostbite Caverns [spoiler][/spoiler]

Rimefist Yeti - Any Yeti + Frost Phoenix [spoiler][/spoiler]


Troll Arsonist - Extract core [spoiler][/spoiler]

Troll King - Any  Troll + Any Apis/Doom Fortress [spoiler][/spoiler]

Troll Knife Juggler - Any Troll  + Any Asura/Carver/Masochist [spoiler][/spoiler]

Troll Necksnapper - Any Troll + Any Giant [spoiler][/spoiler]

Troll Berserker - Any Troll + Any Minotaur/Fiend [spoiler][/spoiler]

Troll Alemaster- Any troll + Any Sin [spoiler][/spoiler][/spoiler]

Current Team:


My team has finally come together! I've decided to drop Bats entirely, and make a secondary team of Aspects eventually.

I also decided not to use Hybridization anymore. I am now a Chaos Mage. I'll describe how my team works, since it's changed so much:

Bob: [spoiler]

I changed to Tower Giant so that I could stack Max HP on his artifact. His traits:



The second one is what makes the team great. A 60% bonus to Attack, Defense, Intelligence and Speed is extremely good, and allows my damage dealers to go first and do lots of damage. The other trait makes him have a lot of attack while giving Sushi a lot of HP. This guy always goes last, so he can cast Haste if the enemies haven't died yet.[/spoiler]

Cushy: [spoiler]

My best damage dealer. His traits:



The first trait adds even more damage to my four spellcasters. The second one means he's got the Nether Demon's stats (plus Bob's HP) and when you add the Nether's aura he becomes better than the Nether Demon itself. He uses a doublecast Whirlwind Gem and a doublecast Ice Bolt gem.[/spoiler]

Deciduous: [spoiler]

One of my team buffers, as you will see in his traits:



This creature gives a total of 7 buffs to the whole party: Grace, Protect, Shell, Invisible, Berserk, Barrier, Arcane. He uses a Tsunami Gem and a Blur Gem. I use the rune to make Protect nullify the damage from Burn and Poison, and Invisible means the enemy can't attack me physically until I take a turn, so it doesn't matter if they outspeed me.[/spoiler]

Grook: [spoiler]

My physical attacker. Traits:



That means he attacks twice. His second trait combines with Invisibility and Shell to make my damage dealers survive until they get a turn, since the enemy will get Silenced and will only be able to defend. This guy usually casts Haste in battle, since, like Bob, he's slow.[/spoiler]

Big-Red [spoiler]

My worst spellcaster, since he has no mana and needs HP gems. Traits:



So he gives his accesory's stats to my Imling. Two Q100% Speed Boots means that my Imling gets really crazy. The second trait adds some much needed survivability to my team. He uses HP cost gems. Since he's really fast and has the Nether Demon's Aura, he can actually deal some nice damage. He can also cast Blur.[/spoiler]

Nether Demon Jargozog[spoiler]

The star of the team. Traits:



I finally made him a Nether Creature, so his first trait will keep getting better. His second trait makes him nigh unkillable when he gets outsped, by mimics for example. This guy is CRAZY. He's got the effects of two Speed Artifacts, the full effect of Pharaoh's Boon, Mul Rune's extra 50% damage and Cushy's trait's extra casts. He uses a doublecast Blur Gem to buff Cushy and Big-Red if I think he won't be able to kill the enemies on his own. His 3 extra traits give him Multicast, an extra turn and immunity to debuffs and spell damage, so this guy is now even better. I decided to give him Swiftcasting as it's too important a trait for my team to risk losing the creature that carries it.

I decided to make him a Nether Demon, and now he's the most powerful creature in the universe. He decided to call himself Jargozog.[/spoiler][/spoiler]

Past adventures:

Day 1: [spoiler]

I begin my adventure with my trusted friend One-Eye the Sand Giant![/spoiler]

Day 2: [spoiler]

My travels took me to the Cutthroat Jungle, where I became respected by Torun, God of Anger, who gave me a little imp called Mushy. I also managed to extract the core of an Autumn Aspect and summoned it. His face looked kind of depressed and he had a really weird name, but his defensive abilities were top notch.

I also found this rune which is perfect for a team with Autumn Aspect:


Day 3: [spoiler]

I extracted two new cores: Minotaur Warrior and Crypt Bat, and added Bull the Minotaur to my team.[/spoiler]

Day 4: [spoiler]

I extracted a Troll Arsonist core and Pyro joined my team  :)



Day 5: [spoiler]

I FINALLY managed to get "Respected" rank with Azural, God of Frost and received Frost the Yeti as a reward, completing my team.

I replaced old Pyro with his son, a Troll Berserker, and gave him this baby:


This allows him to hit Invisible creatures, which was the main reason I used the Arsonist.

Meanwhile, my Autumn Aspect has become the MVP of the team. I made him this accesory:


This means that he gives everyone permanent Grace and Mend. Thanks to my Kih rune, everyone now counterattacks when they dodge an attack. The stats on the artifact also allow him to go first and cast his powerful Tsunami spell to end battles before they begin.  He can cast it twice with the extra mana from the artifact.

My next goal is to get both Torun and Azural to max rank and see if I can get a better Imp or Yeti. I will also try to level up the artifacts and add things like "Start battle with Splash/Arcane".

And yes, I am now a cat.[/spoiler]

Day 6: [spoiler]

Not much happened today. I got Exalted with Torun and Azural, and replaced One-Eye with Starry and the Yeti is now a Coldslam with Auto-Critical.

I need to work on my legendary enchantments. Today I made this one:


This works really well, allowing Mend to heal double. I plan on making an artifact that heals you when burned and burns the whole party at the start of battle, so that should also benefit from this one.

I added Splash and Arcane to everyone else's artifacts, but didn't have enough Splash materials for this one.

Also made this for Mushy:


Self-explanatory. I gave him a Gem of Whirlwind and now he's my second spellcaster.[/spoiler]
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