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Siralim 3 - Patch 1.0.0  (Read 403 times)

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Siralim 3 - Patch 1.0.0
Reply #1 September 30, 2018, 07:42:50 AM
- ADD: Before you complete the main storyline, the realm depth selector now has an additional window panel that tells you what realm you'll travel to, along with the name of that realm's god.
- ADD: Several new messages for NPCs in Nex.
- CHANGE: Reduced the frequency that sigils are found in Itherian Realms.
- CHANGE: Updated library book "Guide: Items" to specify that sigils are now found most-commonly in normal realms.
- CHANGE: Slightly randomized the location of some of the unimportant NPCs in Nex.
- CHANGE: Realms are a little larger now. That way, objects aren't always so clustered together. This also ensures that all objects can correctly spawn, and decreases load times.
- FIX: "Death Transformation" trait worked on your own creatures as well.
- FIX: Avatars can no longer be found in the arena.
- FIX: Rare case where an incorrect message would be displayed when upgrading a talisman.
- FIX: After defeating an invited tavern brawler, the space where the brawler was located couldn't be walked through anymore.
- FIX: Brawler NPC names had the wrong symbols sometimes.
- FIX: Gamepads behaved strangely with the confirmation button.
- FIX: Mac/Linux had vsync forced on, which could cause odd display behavior for some people.
- FIX: Title screen art and Thylacine Studios logo were sometimes stretched on certain resolutions.
- OPTIMIZATION: Heavily optimized the way achievements are handled. Out of everything in the game, these (surprisingly) bogged it down the most, so the game should run much more smoothly now.
- OPTIMIZATION: Realms should now load much more quickly.
- OPTIMIZATION: Loading save files will now be much faster, especially for players who have massive save files due to playing for a long time.
- OPTIMIZATION: Enemy generation, and pretty much anything else related to the "spawn list" (such as arena drafts) should be much faster now.
- OPTIMIZATION: Cutthroat Jungle was the slowest realm to generate by far, but this has been fixed now.
- OPTIMIZATION: Interface panels (the black windows that are used for pretty much everything related to the UI) are now drawn much more efficiently.
- OPTIMIZATION: God rank calculations have been optimized. This wasn't a big deal for most people, but some players have gods at Deified 100+, and this could slow down the game.
- OPTIMIZATION: Perk rank calculations have been optimized. This will speed up most parts of the game, including battles, breeding, game saving/loading, and much more.
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