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Siralim 3 - Patch 1.3.11  (Read 254 times)

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Siralim 3 - Patch 1.3.11
Reply #1 February 08, 2019, 08:55:26 AM
- ADD: Macro conditions can now specify "If X > 0% Health".
- ADD: Macro conditions can now specify any amount of mana rather than being confined to multiples of 5.
- CHANGE: Tremors, Shades, Griffons, Smiths, and the Forest Gargantuan have new overworld sprites. (Thanks to "Unagio Lucio")
- CHANGE: Previously, the summoning interface displayed a "*" in front of a creature's name if you had knowledge about it. That feature is fairly useless, so now a "!" will be displayed in front of a creature's name instead to tell you that you don't currently own that creature.
- CHANGE: Reduced the damage inflicted by "Bomb" gems.
- CHANGE: Dialog related to Regalis is now a little more subtle.
- CHANGE: The largest chest in Friden's realm now gives significantly more loot.
- CHANGE: Increased the tolerance for our palette swap shader to hopefully correct an issue with singular creature palettes not working for some people.
- FIX: Crash when running into a normal enemy and a Nemesis enemy at the same time with the Heart of Darkness enabled.
- FIX: "Surprise!" trait could cause the game to freeze if the creature had too many buffs.
- FIX: Objects that could spawn after battle (treasure chests, buff orbs, corpses, etc) could sometimes spawn off the grid and cause the area to become inaccessible.
- FIX: Memento of Friden (talisman) had a typo in the description. This talisman only affects Avatars, but the description claimed that it worked with all your creatures.
- FIX: Enemy creatures with traits that activate when they provoke were never utilized.
- FIX: Effects that prevented enemies from defending/provoking (such as the Eno Rune) didn't always work.
- FIX: "Defiance" trait could cast any Artifact spell rather than only Living Shield spells.
- FIX: Display issue in boss rooms that caused guardians/invaders to remain visible.
- FIX: "All In" trait gave a constant damage boost, rather than only for the creature's first attack.
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