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Artifacts/disposing of  (Read 244 times)

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Artifacts/disposing of
Reply #1 June 03, 2018, 10:19:42 AM
Currently salvaging artifacts costs considerable amount of granite people at mid game may not yet have for free use. Yet ve accumulated monstrous amounts of artifacts that we dont need. May we just have an option to
"destroy all unlocked unequipped artifacts" that will cost nothing but wont provide crafting materials either? its now 400k granite or do it by hand. I wouldnt worry but finding something starts to be inconvenient. Idk. Maybe an option to destroy just artifacts that dont have a trait. ID use it as a no brainer, always. Currently artifact crafting system seems a bit underwhelming - maybe i havent unlocked some cool stuff or its not yet in the game, but i have tons of mats i have no use of.
Maybe if we could convert artifacts/crafting materials into raw resources, recycle em that way they wont just be a deadweight.