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discussion: can siralim have meaningful battles?  (Read 1429 times)

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discussion: can siralim have meaningful battles?
Reply #1 June 02, 2018, 08:36:54 AM
the siralim series has introduced many new, and optimized existing systems in part 2 and 3, but one thing has remained the same:

eventually battles become unengaging since all you do is hold down 'e', either to scroll through your autocasts or to enter a single command on your singular overpowered creature that kills everything. the game becomes an autoclicker/resource collector, and switching to the battle screen might as well be omitted, except for mirror ball battles.

the hundreds and thousands of battles you have to grind for resources push the player towards finishing them as quickly as possible, which eliminates 95% of all perks/creatures/traits/ideas unless you want to spend 100 hours for something you could get  done in 5.

since this hasn't changed since the first game, is balance even possible for siralim? autocast is part of the problem, and runes aren't helping either, but it may be the very base systems of the game that can't be balanced without a major overhaul.

I love the siralim series so much and desperately want it to be an endless & challenging dungeon crawler like some roguelikes are, but the best part of siralim is always the beginning, when you're struggling to build a functional team with limited resources and creatures/traits - then you find that certain creature/combo/spell gem that targets all enemies, fill the rest of your team with 25% more int ravens (even easier to get artifacts with that trait now as artifacts can only have traits from creatures you've discovered and you get the raven super early) to be gradually replaced with synergistic traits/pallida, and you might as well put the game on autoplay.

hopefully I don't sound too critical, as I wish to be constructive, and for either siralim 3, or siralim 4 to live up to its potential - the best team based dungeon crawler ever.