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The new Snowstorm : Builds with endless loop  (Read 4942 times)

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Re: The new Snowstorm : Builds with endless loop
Reply #2 June 20, 2016, 08:47:20 PM
Going to change Royal Authority for now, and the rest will be dealt with when I do a balance pass on traits (which will happen after the next big patch). In the meantime, if anyone thinks of any more of these types of combinations, please post them!
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The new Snowstorm : Builds with endless loop
Reply #1 June 20, 2016, 06:54:56 PM
- Royal Authority + Wild Stab
Some of us have tested this and found it didn't create an endless loop. 
I found this indeed created an endless loop and won't stop until all the enemy is dead. Basically 1 act win all, endless build with just 2 traits. Even if your stats are too low, you can throw in some on hit gems with +Attack effect or Righteous Wind : +50% Attack and Int every attack).

IMO, Wild stab is fine as it is. It's Royal Authority that creates the endless loop.

-Carnal Genesis + Charity (or any heal all Traits --Sense of Purpose, Circle of Life, Vampiric Aura)
Cast heal on the creature with Charity, each of your creatures has 30%(or 51% with double cast or more with other multicast or whatnot).
Or multiple attacks with circle of life/Vampiric aura will work the same too.