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Siralim 3 - Early Access Roadmap  (Read 799 times)

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Siralim 3 - Early Access Roadmap
Reply #1 June 29, 2018, 09:19:39 AM
Below is a list of things we plan to add/address during Early Access. These items are in order of priority, but we might skip around the list as needed. Also, not all of these features are guaranteed to be implemented, but this is the plan for now.

Bug/Crash Fixes, General Stability, Polish
Prophecies System (repeatable end-game quests) DONE
Talisman Effects (you can acquire/upgrade them but they don't do anything yet) DONE
Battle Log Improvements (some messages aren't shown right now) DONE
Breeding Adjustments DONE
Arena Adjustments DONE
Heredity Adjustments DONE
Artifact Adjustments DONE
Knowledge System Adjustments DONE
Itherian Creature Adjustments DONE
Mallet of Awakening (repeatable quest that allows you to further enhance artifacts) DONE
Nemesis Creatures (a new type of end-game challenge) DONE
Gate of the Gods (end-game boss fights, god creatures, and more) DONE
Nether Bosses (superbosses) DONE
Itherian Realm Bosses (current bosses are placeholders) DONE
Macro System (create your own AI for your creatures) DONE
Tavern Brawls (async PvP)
New Compiler (better performance) DONE
Balance Sweeps (probably a few before the end of Early Access)
Lots of other surprises and improvements!

Mac/Linux versions of the game will come after the game is relatively stable and we don't need to patch the game quite as often. Other platforms will follow after Early Access ends.

After Early Access, we plan to continue supporting the game with massive new content updates and fixes.
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