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[Guide]Nether orbs and you  (Read 14916 times)

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Re: [Guide]Nether orbs and you
Reply #4 May 12, 2015, 11:03:57 PM
I applaud this guide, and you.

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Re: [Guide]Nether orbs and you
Reply #3 May 12, 2015, 06:55:40 PM
Yes, the difference in attack would always be 15. At base level 25 and 40 and with a good orb 325 and 340.

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Re: [Guide]Nether orbs and you
Reply #2 May 12, 2015, 06:50:37 PM
Kejal: Thanks for a great guide. Everything you do for this community is incredible!

If I understood correctly, each gem gives an additive bonus to a creature's stat. Therefore, if I wasn't too make (say) a high health creature and use a lot of emeralds and associated activations, then it doesn't really matter what the attack was for the base creature type that I used. That is, I could use an attack 25 creature or an attack 40 creature and it wouldn't really matter ... if I used enough emeralds then I get a Nether creature with super high attack.

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[Guide]Nether orbs and you
Reply #1 May 12, 2015, 06:41:28 PM
This guide is meant to provide in depth information into the creation of nether orbs.

1) Information about nether orbs in game
The in game tutorial (called Castle Quests) teaches you the basics of creating nether orbs. During the tutorial you are given a red orb with 5 activations and 15 gems. Further information about nether creatures can be found in the back of the library (rightmost shelf of the four adjecent bookshelves).

2) Enchantments
There are 5 different enchantment categories tied to nether orbs: Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire and Topaz. Each of these categories is tied to specific creature stats:
Diamond - increases experience gain
Emerald - increases creature attack
Ruby - increases health
Sapphire - increases defenses
Topaz - increases speed and luck

3) Colors
Each orb has a specific color. The color determines which category is strong and which one is weak. The strong category gets a bonus of 50% and the weak category only has 50% strength.

Nether orbs come in the following colors (Strong/Weak)
Black : Topaz/Diamond
Blue: Sapphire/Diamond
Green: Emerald/Ruby
Indigo: Sapphire/Emerald
Orange: Diamond/Topaz
Pink: Ruby/Sapphire
Red: Ruby/Emerald
Violet: Emerald/Topaz
White: Diamond/Sapphire
Yellow: Topaz/Emerald

4) Gems
Each orb supports a certain number of gems: Normal orbs have 15-30 gems, imbued orbs 30-40. Gems can be enchanted with Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire and Topaz and range from level 1 to 10. Gems can be enchanted and leveled at the Gem Altar in the top right wing of Siralim. Always use level 10 gems for your nether orbs! There is no downside to a level 10 gem compared to a lower level one and it will make your nether creature stronger.
Level 10 gems have the following effect:
Diamond: 18% increased experience
Emerald: 2.55 increased attack
Ruby: 2.55 increased health
Sapphire: 2.55 increased defenses
Topaz: 3 increased luck and speed
Multiple gems are added together and multiplied by a factor based on orb activations.

5) Activations
Orbs have a random number of activations: normal orbs have 5-10 and imbued nether orbs 10-15. Each activation slot can be used for any enchantment category. The more activations are used for one category, the higher the multiplier for gems get. Activations have diminishing returns the more activations are used for a specific color.
Activations create the following multiplier for gems (activations denoted with ? are guesswork but would follow the pattern)
1 : 1
2 : 1.5
3 : 2
4 : 2.25
5 : 2.5
6 : 2.75
7 : 3
8 : 3.15
9 : 3.3
10 : 3.45 ?
11 : 3.6 ?
12 : 3.75 ?
13 : 3.9 ?
14 : 4 ?
15 : 4.1 ?

6) Nether demon
When you have Demon Dust in your inventory the Nether Creator will ask you if you want to use it during the creation process. Saying yes will give a chance that the egg becomes tainted (in a good way). The Nether Creator will be quite upset about it but there are no negative consequences.
When the egg is returned to the Hatchery, a nether demon will hatch from it once the ritual is completed.
Nether demons are more powerful nether creatures and have the following differences to normal nethers:
  • 25% increased stats (even those not increased by activations/gems
  • a different color
  • a random second ability
The random ability can be rerolled with Demonic Tomes bought by Bynine.

7) Example
Lets use the tutorial orb as an example. If you follow the instructions during the tutorial your orb will look like this:

Red Orb (Strong in ruby, weak in Emerald)
1 diamond activation with 3 gems
1 emerald activation with 3 gems
1 ruby activation with 3 gems
1 sapphire activation with 3 gems
1 topaz activation with 3 gems

The nether will have the following increased stats compared to its normal version:
1*18%*3 = 54% increased experience gain
1*2.55*3*0.5 = 3.825 increased attack (emerald got reduced to 50% because it is this orb's weak color)
1*2.55*3*1.5 = 11.475 increased health (ruby got increased by 50% because it is the strong color)
1*2.55*3 = 7.65 increased defenses
1*3*3 = 9 increased speed and luck

8 ) Remarks
  • the number 2.55 for single gems is the best approximation using large numbers of gems for a single color. The resulting stat should be correct with error +/-1
  • this guide was written for Siralim version 2.0.19
  • I will try to keep this guide up to date should anything change

9) Version history
1.0.0 (2015/05/13) - initial version
1.1.0 (2015/05/14) - added example and version section
1.1.1 (2015/05/14) - corrected gem number in example and gem altar location
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