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Fallen Carnage + Revulsion -> Weird Attack Bonuses  (Read 1779 times)

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Re: Fallen Carnage + Revulsion -> Weird Attack Bonuses
Reply #2 June 14, 2016, 03:18:02 PM
Fallen Carnage + Revulsion.  Interesting I will definitively try that out.

Some favorite FC Midnight Chain Train Combos:
- Fallen Carnage + Overkill (from Blademaster) - Gain 40% ATK and Crit for 3 turns if creature deals at least 30% of an enemy's max health.
- Fallen Carnage + Whetted Fists (from Iron Golem) - After attacking gain 25% attack
- Fallen Carnage + Dissection (from Brim Smith) - Has 200% more attack from artifact when attacking
- Fallen Carnage + Sadism (From Troll Necksnapper) - Deal 50% more damage for each dead creature on the battlefield

- Lich Hellcaster (Sacrimony) w/ another attack boost of your choice (ie. Dark Braze, Honed Blades) - Sacrimony grants +30% ATK to all creatures every time an enemy dies. Which means FC does not need to have this ability equipped to receive the benefits.

-Also Put in a Raven Acolyte (Everything's Gone) to make kills easier for FC.

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Fallen Carnage + Revulsion -> Weird Attack Bonuses
Reply #1 June 03, 2016, 12:57:48 AM
I figured pairing the Fallen Carnage's ability 'Midnight Feast' with the 'Revulsion' would make for a good pairing depending on how the ability worked.
   Revulsion - Before attacking, gain 100% Attack for each creature that died since its last turn
 And I was right. Kind of. What I'm finding is that if I managed to get at least one killing blow on a creature I can kill the entire team through this odd Attack bonus mechanic that is causing my Carnage's Attack to scale exponentially from like 200 -> 1000 -> 3000 -> >10000 if I can get 4 or 5 of the enemies in a chain. I was just wondering exactly how these two abilities function together so I can properly build around it without finding out that it is actually a bug.

- is the Attack gained from the last 'Turn' staying on because the creature is still functional and therefore the bonuses are becoming multiplicative or is it something else?