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Suggestions / Re: Idea for monthly event: Star Festival
« on: June 11, 2019, 12:55:11 PM »
You know, this is all really nice, and I'd love to see these star monsters in-game, but I have two questions.

1: Why is there no Opiuchus-aligned monster? Maybe a Basilsik or a Pit Worm or something? :P
2: Would a Demigod not be a better basis for a Libra-aligned monster(most of them have armor that even LOOKS like something a pair of scales could hang off of)?

There are only 12 months in a year and they are based off of the traditional zodiac.

The only reason Angel got Libra was because I thought I had ran out of female creatures so I had to use Occultist for Virgo.

Support / Re: lost my save
« on: May 31, 2019, 09:34:30 AM »
The cloud save might've expired, when did you last use the cloud save?

Suggestions / Re: Post-game and Endgame Idea Compilation!
« on: April 30, 2019, 01:22:07 PM »
Ilberd needs some love, and we need some room for new things so makin the best of BOTH worlds right now.

Side Quest: Ilberd's Request
Objective: Give Ilberd 1m in each resource
Reward: Side Quest

Side Quest: Ilberd's Promise
Objective: Complete 1 of each quest: The Robes off Their Back, Quality Construction, Twinkling Titanite, Conquest for Cores, Citizens of a Growing Empire, Armaments for War, Pelted with Gifts, Calling of Arms.
Reward: Construction Table (Upstairs)

Construction Table
Similar to Siralim 1 and 2. you pay resources to unlock things for your castle. It works differently, however. You pay a fair bit of resources and obtain a side quest. Once you finish the side quest, you obtain the reward. It starts with one blueprint but you can get more by finding them in realms or talking to certain NPC's.

Blueprint: Magical Jukebox
Obtained: Start
Price: 100k of each resource
Side Quest: What the Funk?
Objective: Grind 100 Runes and Gems to power this new machine.
Reward: Magical Jukebox, Ability to find Records in chests and grinding, Blueprint: Jukebox MK II.

Blueprint: Jukebox MK II
Obtained: Completing
Price 200k of each resource
Side Quest: Funk it Up
Objective: Find 10 mechanical parts to upgrade the Magical Jukebox
Reward: Ability to change the songs that play in each area.

Blueprint: Enchanted Recycling Bin
Obtained: Talking to Luna after obtaining the Construction Table
Price: 1m of each resource
Side Quest: Reasons why you should Recycle
Objective: Grind 100 Spell Gems and 100 Artifacts
Reward: Enchanted Recycling Bin

Blueprint: Achievement Trophy
Obtained: Realms
Price: 100k of each resource
Side Quest: Achievement Gotten
Objective: Find the Achievement Trophy in a realm
Reward: Activement Trophy

Blueprint: Theater Room
Obtained: Bought from Purple Jester for 100 Cloth Scraps after obtaining the Construction Table
Price: 1m of each resource
Side Quest: Find the Costume Maker
Objective: Find the Costume Maker (Red Jester) in realms
Reward: Costume Maker

Blueprint: Itherian Powerflux
Obtained: Itherian Realm Depth 100+
Price: 500k of each resource
Side Quest: Finding the Powerflux
Objective: Beat the boss of Itherian realm 200+
Reward: More Sigil Properties

Magical Jukebox
This item fixes and plays weird stones called "records". These stones are found in chests and rarely when grinding runes or spell gems. Upgrading it makes it's magic powerful enough to change the songs that play in the background of battles, realms, and even the castle.

Records and Record Shards
There (should be) is a record for every song in Siralim 1-3. (Zach can add whatever he pleases other than these) Each record takes 10 Record Shards to make and it makes a random record you do not have yet.

Enchanted Recycling Bin
This item replaces your Enchanted Trashcan and allows Luna to configure more options for the item. Instead of removing the items from the pool like the trashcan however, it replaces them with resources.

Costume Maker
"Have you ever wanted to look like your pal over there?" You see him point to your (First creature in party). "I can make you look like that for just some cloth and some resources."
This NPC can make a costume of ANY creature. All you need to pay is 20 Cloth Scraps, that creatures core, and that creature's legendary material. To get the creature's singular pallet you have to obtain the singular once and already have it's costume. It would cost 50 cloth scraps, one core (not singular), and one legendary material.

Achievement Trophy
This item gives you rewards for completing a certain amount of achievements. Usually resources, but DOES give talismans. Note there is no rewards for completing Story quests.
X category 10%: 10k Resources
X category 20%: 20k Resources
X category: 30%: 50k Resources
X category 40%: 75k Resources
X category 50%: Talisman
X category 60%: 100k Resources
X category 70%: 1m Resources
X category 80%: 5m Resources
X category 90%: 10m Resources
X category 100%: 100m Resources

Sigil Properties
[R] Chests contain more (Spell Gems/Resources/Eggs/Tomes/Emblems/Runes/Seeds/Bottled Fairies/Misc Items/loot)
Bonus: 5%
Rarity: Adds to Chests contain more Artifacts (Artifacts 25% Spell Gems 25% Resources 25% Emblems 5% Runes 5% Bottled Fairies 5% Misc Items (Any other item not listed) 5% Eggs 2% Tomes 1% Seeds 1% Loot 1%)
[E] Nemesis Enemies always have X Affix
Bonus: 10%
Rarity: Normal Affixes 80%, Greedy 19%, Genius .5% Knowledgable .5%
[E] Enemies all share their traits with each other.
Bonus: 10%
[E] Enemies drop X% (10-200) more resources
Bonus: 1% per 10%
[P] Your Perks have no effect
Bonus: 20%
[R] Contains extra Singulars (Doubles the singular chance) (Note this is really rare)
Bonus: 20%
[P] Your creatures have X% (10-200) less X (Attack/Intelligence/Speed/Defense/Health)
Bonus 2% per 10%

Costume Maker I
Obtain 1 creature costume
Points: 1
Costume Maker II
Obtain 10 creature costumes
Points: 2
Costume Maker III
Obtain 50 creature costumes
Points: 3
Costume Maker IV
Obtain 100 creature costumes
Points: 5
Costume Maker V
Obtain 250 creature costumes
Points: 7
Costume Maker VI
Obtain 500 creature costumes
Points: 10

All: Overachiever's Crown
Character: Great Fairy Wings
Creatures: Genetic Tome
Items: Warehouse Box
Gods: Golden Charm
Battles: ???
Realms: Discount Coupon
Castle: ???

Talisman: Overachiever's Crown
Achievement Points are worth X% more (1% per level)
Level 100 reward: Achievement Points grant a bonus to resource gain in battle .1% per point
Max Level: 100

Talisman: Great Fairy Wings
Increases your chance to find Gore Knives by X% (1% per level)
Level 100 reward: Sacrifices with the Gore Knives gives 1 deity point
Max Level: None

Talisman: Genetic Tome
Increases your chance to find Blood Knives by X% (1% per level)
Level 100 Reward: Sacrificing Primed creatures with the Blood Knife gives it's respective gene
Max Level: None

Talisman: Discount Coupon
Merchant sells items at a X% discount. (.5% per Level)
Level 100 bonus: Merchants will appear twice as often.
Max Level: 100

Talisman: Warehouse Box
Merchant sells X% more items. (1% per Level)
Level 100 bonus: Merchant will rarely sell new, somewhat pricey items. (Knives, Eggs, Cards, Rune Dust(10), Tomes, Pills of Upgrading, Fairy Bottles, Map of Farsight (Dunno why this is not sold already; normal rarity for this item) Seeds, Record Shards)
Max Level: None

Talisman: Golden Charm
Increases Favor gained by X% rounded down. (1% per level)
Level 100 Bonus: Doing anything in a realm gives a small amount of favor (1-2 favor for breaking objects, battling (upon win), opening chests that is unaffected by this taliman's bonus)
Max Level: 400

Suggestions / Re: Idea for monthly event: Star Festival
« on: April 30, 2019, 01:09:18 PM »
YKW, this shouldn't be just a summer event.

It should just be a "minor" event that adds the ability to get X creature during when the stars would actually align

Support / Re: [BUG] Turn order not displayed in battle
« on: April 26, 2019, 12:25:25 PM »
Common bug, have no idea if its visual or if stag guide immortality will work again

Seems more like an unintended effect and not a bug

Support / Re: Soul siphon + diffusion infinite loop issue
« on: April 18, 2019, 08:26:44 PM »
If all died but 1 it would've broken the trait and allowed you to attack.

Support / Game seems to exit battle without exiting battle sometimes.
« on: March 22, 2019, 10:23:32 AM »
Version 2.5.1

I do not know what could be causing it, I made a new file on normal settings/quests on. Chaos class and only the first 2 creatures.

I'm on android.

Gameplay and Balance / Re: ceaseless maker trait
« on: February 25, 2019, 12:30:06 PM »
It does not show the damage done to the other enemies outright, but likely it is still doing the damage I think

Support / Re: Bad-Ass Singulars
« on: February 22, 2019, 08:19:59 PM »
I did update it afterwards and it still had these. I guess singulars don't feel like giving up not working.

Could just be me though, or just android, or just a couple different factors tbf.

Support / Bad-Ass Singulars
« on: February 22, 2019, 11:03:01 AM »
Singulars are loading buggy still, leading to partial singulars.

Android, Lokking at the version this may have been fixed but i'm still shareing it since the results were interesting.

Suggestions / Lycanthropy
« on: February 20, 2019, 10:20:03 AM »
Lycanthropy needs a limit to how many times it can happen. This tavern brawl I'm in is never ending because it keeps transforming to like every f*ckin nature creature on the planet.

Suggestions / Re: Idea for summer event: Star Festival
« on: February 17, 2019, 08:33:14 PM »
I'm glad you like it! Also lol, I guess that would be a constellation prize.

I'll see what I can do with the sprites myself, that is defiantly a completely different take on the sprites than what I was thinking and tbh I think it might be more interesting.

If you do plan on doing more sprites, do them on the ones that have lore, as those will not be changing.

I actually thought you were doing a similar thing with the Chinese New Year creatures.

General Discussion / Re: Arena Rewards - Rift Dancer
« on: February 16, 2019, 02:48:56 PM »
Yes the Nadin Rift Dancer is available in the arena, at level 20

Suggestions / Re: Idea for summer event: Star Festival
« on: February 14, 2019, 07:47:44 PM »
Thank you! I'm planning on adding some of the lore and other things soon.

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