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Suggestions / Safety on big decisions
« on: June 09, 2018, 01:48:28 AM »
t'is a grinding game and most of the time after a while we go on autopilot. After a couple of hours of merry grinding i find myself almost done with a prophet quest when i notice my ever increasing need of granite for that ever increasing pile of artifacts and gems that are just not quite right for my collection. It dawned on my gliding mind that a couple of charms should be perhaps a good solution. I am clever like that. So i decided to expertly finish my run and execute my brilliant idea. Let us go brain, up and left to the big party candle, we need to invite a few friends. And do not forget to keep that E pressed down, all those dialogues are so tiring after all. Keep the E pressed down. I wonder when the list will come. A new prophet quest, huh, how curious. Game saved, huh, curious indeed. I did not cry, for i am a man. But i confess i teared up a little bit. I tried to brush  it off, it happens after all. But i could not, not immediately, i had to take a break. Here i am, on a break, and i leave this message in hopes whoever may read this does not commit the same mistake and that somehow, maybe by changing the order of options, maybe a warning or two, such big quest-lines doesn't come to an abrupt end. But with endings comes beginnings, with floral music and saved files. But not today, today i rest.

Gameplay and Balance / Artifact ocd and balance
« on: June 08, 2018, 06:48:51 PM »
did not find this elsewhere, or i missed it, so i'll post it here...

will there be a way to min-max or otherwise manipulate the numbers on the "wild" artifacts ? Just to set an example, i am really uncomfortable with my 103% speed cloak, that took me a while to craft and i much rather it were a 100%.

One of the best aspects in s2 for me was that i was able to craft a lot of equipment and it was already one of the things that consumed a lot of my time.
The way things are now in s3 made crafting, imho, way too prohibitive.
The fact that you now have to consume enchanting materials to min max is already a way to limit the process, and i think it is a good thing (i do not recall if in s2 u also had to consume such materials, but i dont think so, maybe), but locking the stats on the "wild" artifacts is too much, one bad roll and its thrash now, better luck next time, i mean, really ? yeah sure it adds to the grind, but i think its too much, its not a fun grind just a ridiculous one. And if its not fun its a failure in the long run. and lets not talk about soft resets, just the fact that you consider a soft reset means there is something wrong.

I think it would be more reasonable for it to be, for example, a late game quest to unlock min max "wild" artifacts at a greater cost. Just locking the traits (or legendary) would be enough to justify the grind for multiple "perfect" artifacts.

as of now, getting a "perfect" artifact, as in all max numbers, is not really a reasonable objective without bs luck, unreasonable grinding or soft resets, witch for me it's a shame.

i also understand that there are maybe people with more "perfect" artifacts than they can hold but im talking about the average player here, wanting to play a game having a fun time, not being a chore to the point that of thinking "nah i got better things to do". of course it is all my opinion.

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