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Support / Re: Flesh Offering bug (and related Blood Spatter bug?)
« on: July 16, 2018, 12:57:52 AM »
I'd love to know if that's working as designed or not; I'm not sure, but I feel like certain effects - anything that deals damage as a percentage of X - seem to be effected by max health of the enemy as well. Let me see if I can grab screenshots of what I mean, next time.

Suggestions / Re: Finding Talismans
« on: July 16, 2018, 12:45:37 AM »
Just my two brimstone, now that I'm in post-game.

I think some kind of increasing percentile seems fine; I don't care about achievements, items, or finding everything, but I view this as my 'beer n' chips' game; something to relax to.
Most of the people I know off-line who play games like this, though, they'd be obsessed with 100%-ing it, and probably a bit frustrated that there's no way to guarantee an eventual drop.
But I do feel like talismans are a very esoteric, 'ah, neat!' kind of thing; and I've got no idea on how to keep that element of discovery while still allowing for players to either guarantee, or increase their chances of finding them.

But I do like Scholek's idea of a playtime/critters-ded counter. Sure, somebody could hack the gibson and alter those values, but it'd still offer people an option. That way, whether hunting for a specific talisman for their playstyle, grinding, or whatnot, nobody is going to feel like the odds are too terribly stacked against them. If you end up revisiting the ideas of Gringar and gay monster dad, I've got a suggestion for that, too - and I'll let it sum up my thoughts.

Have rare talisman percentile chance/achivements that unlock talismans/long quests that unlock specific talismans become available on NG+.

The rarer talismans could be locked behind several loops, like a certain other series, ahaha - but I feel like this'd satisfy both those who don't really mind if they never see a rare talisman in their life, and those who want a sure route to achieving talismans other than 'roll the dice and pray!' It'd also give a good motivation to try a second cycle, I think.

Interlude: Not fully back yet, just waiting the sweet embrace of Erebyss, ahahaha!
I finished the 'core' game at long last, in a moment of free time.

Absolutely perfect in every way. There's a lot I want to say about it, but I'd rather not spoil anyone else. The final battle was a wonderful mirror back to Siralim 2, and very satisfying - I do feel a bit stupid for not cottoning on to some of the plot-related shenanigans going down, but that made me enjoy it more, so, uh, excellent?!
And now, I can grind to my heart's content!

Hopefully entries'll be a bit more regular, soon enough.

D'you know, Cutthroat Grapes are even more delicious than normal grapes?
It's funny, the places your mind goes to when you're stuck somewhere - as I've been stuck, following my silent liege and her increasingly terrifying menagerie through the non-euclidean incidences of Zonte's realm - the Refuge of the Magi.

... There's a lot I don't know about this place.

Helmholtz, Milner, Spielrein... Some say that even the priest-wizards of Kaito, their names long lost to the aeons -
All of them allegedly study here, in isolated laboratory dimensions, free to pursue their pursuits beyond eternity.

I know that as a scholar, I should be thrilled with this place; Nex has been something of an intellectual backwater for ages.
Though we once had a fine court culture, it's diminished over the years, ah, even before Siralim invaded.
Perhaps it's not really the time nor place to discuss it, but -

Well, I've been watching the Queen, a lot.
She's - gifted of a singular devotion, and the way she keeps going, no matter how many resdents of this place, driven mad by whatever insanity is attempting to wrest them to it's evil will...

There were rumours, you see.

It's not uncommon that various royal lineages claim descent from the Gods, though this is obvious foolishness.
Less common, and more oft used as an insult, is that certain lines trace inheritance from...
Well, from creatures.

Perhaps it's not right for me to admit how I could see how those rumours got started; I mean, they sound like a load of, if you'll excuse my Nexian, a load of $#*!ing malarkey.
But -

Her shoulders never sag; she never pauses to overthink her actions, only to - stare into the distance, with that somewhat sombre look.

I've taken to sketching her creatures.
They've been changing in her company, I think.
Perhaps because of the Gods; I know that Toryg, Torun's herald, has become endlessly stronger, as if every battle feeds it some morsel of inner rage.

But - there's just so much I don't know. How the damn things keep going, how she keeps going -

While we were resting for a moment, enveloped by a shimmering indigo nightscape, she peered over my shoulder.
Just watched me write, without being able to read a word of it.
She liked the sketches, though - I've never been good at them, but if there's one thing I remember of my mother, it's that it's never too late to start.

"Here. There's more strength there. Imagine you're like a spring. See?"

I think she's so terse because - well, it probably has a lot to do with the fate of the royal family; Nex's fortunes being what they were, I - can't really blame her...

Are you resting well? Nobody wins when you tire yourself out; and even the most driven can find their flame burn low.
I still have enough power in this place to shield you, for awhile.

So spoke Zonte, and though I feel as if the Queen had questions, she didn't ask them - at least not aloud.
I think - I think she's been speaking to the Gods without me, and I dare not ask of what.

Hopefully it's good.

... Back to the matter at hand, we've encountered everything from rebellious Plague Alchemists to bedazzled Ravens.
There were also a few golems that seemed to have been led in from another realm; perhaps tempted by half-remembered hatred of the Magi.
I'm a scholar; not a mage. I can - understand, a bit. I think.

The Queen's fire is shaded an eerie blue, here; such is the raw mana that permeates this place.
And it seems to dim the light, rather than enhance it - but it helps us to see, all the same.

Although they say that the King of Siralim -


Before we left, I caught the Queen tearing into some candy that looked as if it'd been carved from solid stone.
Troll Knife Juggler was staring on, mouth agape - clearly hungry.
Without a word, Nalia handed a piece over, and the troll ate it greedily even as it's teeth made clanging sounds.

I stopped writing for a bit.
A few of the things I wanted to write felt a bit stupid. If we're going to die, I'd rather not cast too many aspersions on my homeland, or the Queen.
Even Siralim had it's own charms, once - it wasn't always a blighted nightmare realm, subsumed into heresy.

We got to talking, the Queen and I - well, I was talking, ahaha, and she was listening.
But she's a good listener, and since I get nervous... It helps to kill the hours spent traveling.

There was a Gorgon I knew, rather well.


She, you see, she was incredibly uncomfortable in Nex, and didn't stay present very long. I tried to understand it but -
A lot of the creatures who naturally gravitate towards towns and cities have their own burdens to bear.
Despite that, she was a truly gentle soul, and I think all she wanted to do was - you know, to feel at home.

Haha, I'm not even sure why I mentioned it, but - the Queen smiled.
Said everyone must want that, really.

We walked more, in silence - occasionally, Zonte would appear and watch us, from the shadows against the wall.
I often caught him hunched over, lost in thought; and whenever we get too lost in the labyrinthine corridors, the passages seem to re-arrange themselves and guide us forward.

For the first time, I'm feeling like we might be able to do this.
Perhaps because there's no one else to do it, but perhaps -

[The text herein ends abruptly.]

Interlude: Sorry for the delay in updates; some family matters've come up.
I'll still be around, but I might not be posting quite as quickly! Maybe I'll set up a poll in the meantime, but I hope you'll still be looking forward to future updates, ahaha!

Announcements / Re: Siralim 3 - Early Access Report #2
« on: July 12, 2018, 10:26:45 AM »
Aaaaa, yes!
Avatars are gonna return, just me and Tartarif(sic) hackin' through hordes of enemies, sharing laughs and cares, drinking refreshing summer-y beverages with curly straws!
More (or less, I'm being 100% serious) seriously, though...

I've always loved programmable battle formations. I think the first game where I really got a handle on them was one of the old Infinity Engine games, maybe Icewind Dale?
Or possibly a rogulike - Moria? Did Moria even have macros? I, I don't recall...
They can be a bit tricky to implement, so - no rush, but I'm interested to see what other content you might use them for..!

For purposes of balances, should us early-accessors be taking notes or giving feedback or something?
I often use teams that might be generously called casual, and slightly less generously called ineffective, heh. If there's anything we can provide, say so!

... But wow, looking back in the past, that anti-spam report, whew.

Suggestions / Breaking up paragraphs in lore?
« on: July 11, 2018, 04:22:18 PM »
This /might/ fall under localisation, but though I usually don't do things like this for free/'exposure', I might be willing to do so, here...  ;)

I love the lore system, but it can be a bit clunky, due to being in one box-o-text.
Though it's hardly a game-breaking issue, I think that - at some point before release - it might be nice to break those boxes up, for purposes of formatting.
E.G, using Skeleton Triggerman as an example:

"The Skeleton Triggerman is the most swashbuckling of it's kind. It likes to sneak into big cities, go into taverns of lesser repute, and shoot up the place for fun. Thanks to it's reckless behaviour, the main weakness of its species was discovered: the only way to defeat them for good is to damage their skulls. It also seems to like drinking whiskey, though it spills on the floor through the cavity of its throat."

Not hard to read at all on a forum, but a bit cumbersome in-game. Here's how I'd change it:

"The Skeleton Triggerman is the most swashbuckling of it's kind.

It likes to sneak into big cities, go into taverns of lesser repute, and shoot up the place for fun.
Thanks to it's reckless behaviour, the main weakness of its species was discovered: the only way to defeat them for good is to damage their skulls.

It also seems to like drinking whiskey, though it spills on the floor through the cavity of its throat."

Although I don't know if the in-game boxes can handle line-breaks, one could certainly use multiple pages if need be - but again, this is hardly a top-tier concern.
Just thought I'd put it out there, while it's on my mind....

Oh, why did I use Skeleton Triggerman as my example?
Well - the fact that it drinks whiskey, while being a skeleton, makes it the best. There are many best critters in Siralim, but Skeleton Triggerman may have just won my heart forever.

Game Development / Re: Emotions in The Negative?
« on: July 11, 2018, 04:06:51 AM »
Excellent, this is everything I wanted to hear.

I've seen a lot of games that try to capture a 'moody' feel without really understanding how it goes. And I feel like a lot of people can't really capture the feeling of Dark Souls, what with incidental dialogue and little things telling a story. Not that I'm sad to see some of the attempts that've come, of course; but it's a very unique experience, and I think a lot of the first-time developers who angle for it sometimes don't put their own twist on the thing, if that makes sense.

That you're planning to do something similar, but clearly with a lot of forethought on what and how The Negative is, is what I was hoping since the release screenshots. I figured the game itself might have more narrative, and a slower pace, than Siralim; and I'm very excited to have more... demi-humans? Emotion-born-people-folks?... to learn about. Now,  I kind of want to guess the player-character's reasons, but - I feel like you've given me a lot to mull over. And I'll repeat it, really excited for this!

General Discussion / Re: In need of advice :)
« on: July 11, 2018, 03:58:28 AM »
Haha, thanks Rumblefellow! I don't know if I'd go so far as to say I'm wholesome...
But I'm old enough to admit I like being nice, and I hope to keep it up for as long as there's life in my bones.

Back to the thread at hand - Ciretose, the struggle is absolutely real. But being honest about it helps a little with everything in life, and the best part about adding Siralim 2 to your gaming arsenal is that it's a long-lasting gem, with an incredible amount to unravel.

If you want to share some of your team ideas, ask questions, or anything else, feel free to mention how your adventures are going! All the best!

Game Development / Emotions in The Negative?
« on: July 10, 2018, 02:07:28 PM »
So, I think I've mentioned - or maybe not, sorry, a lot's been on my mind - but The Negative looks like a game I've wanted to see done for some time.
I'm a huge fan of classic turn-based strategy, both in a more HoMM and Eador-style, and the more RPG-meets-monster-raiser that The Negative seems to be.
But one of my concerns with various projects I've had throughout the years is how to balance what makes those sort of games fun (something I have little worry about you managing!) and the more unpleasant emotions that I feel the game will be taking a look at.

Maybe it's just that I'm a pessimist by nature, myself, but I find that engaging players while developing a dark and downbeat setting is - difficult, at best.
Speaking generally - I'm not just fishing for spoilers, I swear! - how are you planning on developing the ruinous world that I expect we'll be seeing, while keeping players invested in the setting?
Are you planning on including lore for the inhabitants, creatures, and relics - like the Soulsborne series and, to some degree, Siralim 3?

Or having a more elabourate story woven throughout - perhaps more NPC interaction?

Perhaps something else entirely - such as relating the fighting ability of your creatures/allies to their mental state?

I know it's InDev, so all answers might be subject to change - but I'd love to hear about your design philosophy sometime, so I thought I might as well ask!

General Discussion / Re: In need of advice :)
« on: July 10, 2018, 01:51:34 PM »
Hello, there!

I think I'm far enough in S3 to be able to compare it to S2, so let's start with what you're looking for - but first, a Very Important Thought.
If you're in a situation where the cost'd seriously affect your budgeting, don't do it. Sorry if this is a bit of a nag, but games are not so important as your health and well-being.
You didn't imply as such, but - always take your finances into consideration, even when it's an awful hassle.

Now with that over with, on to your points!

S2's flaws are that it's slower - a lot slower. There's a lot of byzantine, early-UI design decisions which, while being charming in a way entirely their own, can really make the game drag, especially later on. If you're one of those players that needs everything to whiz by, your greatest enemy will eventually be loading time, optimisations and battle lag. But it's not just game speed; the act of accruing heredity power - the so-called 'Gene Strength' - takes time, made worse by the fact that it's 'balanced' by requiring time-consuming rituals unless you continuously dump points into a specific perk.

However, the concept of Gene Strength is a lot easier to understand when compared to Hereditary (the S3 equivalent), and might be an ideal starting point for those new to the series, or to this kind of game, in general. What's more, though BOTH games will allow you to create crazy teams out of any combination of creatures, S2 has a lot more things that in it that can be 'broken' out of the gates, as it were. A few lucky spell-gem drops, and, well...

But that's not all; S2 has a lot more incidental dialogue. The Gods and their interactions are a bit more detailed, too, though I believe that's because S3 still has a good amount of placeholder dialogue. And this touches into what my strongest point is:

S2 will make you enjoy S3 even more.

Though both games make it clear the fun of critter-mastery is the focal point, these are surprisingly deep and effective little games. There are a lot of nods of the hat to S2 (and probably even S1!), and some that'll even make you stop and catch your breath. Some of the ways creature skills have changed between the two games might catch you off guard, and while occasionally being something to get used to, make it fun to see just how they, and the games, have evolved.

I'm very glad I played S2, and it made me appreciate everything Siralim 3 does, even more.
And if these are the kinds of games that entertain you, I'd say - go for it! If nothing else, I'll be glad to hear about your adventures through the Kingdom of Siralim!
Just, ah, make sure to be sweet to Regalis, would you? (And all the Gods, of course!)

Hope that helps!

Interlude: And now for something completely different! Only not quite.
Hrmn, I wonder what goes through the head of a monarch... Guess we'll see, huh? Heh.
On a side note, I just noted the lore of Emlai. Woah.

But, is it strange that I'm happy that Caedo become part of the Heretics' Kingdom? Well - I am. Hahaha!

Although it was called the Cutthroat Jungle, the name had as much to do with the God Torun as with the actual nature of the place.
Over time, the concept of Anger had faded to blind fury, and the rare traveler who braved Torun's personal realm often remarked at how hostile it was; from the swinging vines that tried to strangle you with your every step, to the many poisonous plants and flowers...

... Plants and flowers that shone with every colour one might imagine; that, in their angry vibrancy, their furious desire to live, created a stunning beauty and resiliency that went all but unnoticed. And the same was true of the inhabitants of the place. It might have been fury, in a sense, that brought them peace...

Didn't matter.
Was probably overthinking things, again, anyway.

The scribe that her the Kingdom of Nex had fobbed off on her was resting against the considerable bulk of Troll Knife Juggler, whom she'd affectionately started referring to as 'Edge' in her head, because it was easy to remember and seemed apropos.

His - that being the scribe, and not the troll - stubble was coppery and awful, like someone who desperately wanted to go for a beard, but couldn't, he snored too much, and screamed in increasingly mysterious ways.
... People were strange.

Sighing quietly, Nalia stared back at the forest canopy, and waited. Not for anything, really - time flowed strangely in the Realms of the Gods.
Maybe just to wait.

"Er, were you staring at me?"


Her reply was hoarse as ever - she'd never been too fond of how she sounded, and tried to speak as little as possible. There'd been a pretty bad outbreak, growing up. It'd wiped out the favoured heir to the throne, left her mute, for a few years, to have survived in the end for...

For whatever this was. Trying to stand up to a power that her forebears had done their best to ignore entirely.
... At least she had the blob of hateful anger and flesh what was Toryg. And Edge.

Weird scribbly guy was okay, too.
If worse came to worse, she could feed him to a hungry Waspid swarm, probably.

Baudouin leapt to his feet, and brushed dirt from his sleeves, looking around nervously (as he usually did. That was the thing about scholarly types. They always seemed antsy. All the time.) and trying to seem busy.

"Aha, well, if you're - not waiting for anything, we might as well go see about fixing, er, whatever it is that Torun said needed fixing - "

"It's not like that."

Words ended up being a waste. You had to explain really simple stuff to people, and if they didn't understand it, they ended up feeling like you were the one who didn't understand - or something. Creatures were a lot better than people, for that reason. Not even Ravens or Sphinxes were so, so...

"Er, Queen Nalia?"

"... Sorry. Lost in thought."

Before she could help herself, she added -

"Had a dream."

Nalia could see the faint glimmer in his eyes - the kind that suggested he knew full well not to ask, but had that awful curiousity that wasn't entirely pleasant. Probably just wanted to act concerned, or nod and smile a lot. So it went; that's how people were, generally.

Well, didn't matter.

" - you don't have to tell me, of course, if you don't want to, ahaha - "

She swept through the underbrush quietly, displacing vines and plants aggressively.
People assumed that Nature magic was about understanding and living in harmony with the world, but - it was more forceful than that. All magic was, really.
About displacing the world and placing your will in whatever was left remaining.


"There were hundreds of dead. Kings and Queens, just like me. All of them from Nex. They were stacked up against one another in a pile."

He was already winded, because of course he was, but Nalia knew without looking that he'd gone pale as some kind of Spectre.

"Somehow, they looked kind of like they were made of clay. I was aware I was dreaming. Wondered if they'll stack me there, when I fail."

After that, they traveled in silence.
Occasionally, Baudouin cleared his throat like he wanted to say something, and she was grateful every time that he didn't.
Despite her silence, occasionally she could hear Torun's voice, chastising her for being too loud.

That was nice, too.

Maybe the Gods would make it, even if the world itself didn't.

Golden light flooded through the canopy above them as they traversed another layer of verdant green plantlife, with rich vines that the local Aspects used as a kind of moving city.
Troll Knife Juggler was carrying Baudouin, and though the journey had gone silent, she felt - a little at peace, maybe.
Which was when Baudouin screamed. (Troll Knife Juggler, being Troll Knife Juggler, also screamed.) {But quietly.}

Before them was an awful, horrible, terrible sight.
Some sort of weird creature leered at them from an opening in the jungle, sweating profusely - and smelling for all the world like cheap muscat.
He looked deformed and ill-shapen, with an unnerving gait that seemed almost inhuman...

Also, to the monstrosities' side was an actual monster, some kind of Smith, maybe.

"Hey, there! Ianne Jr., be a good lad and say hello..."

She could still hear the gentlemanly smith or whatever talking to his... His son? That seemed weird.
How could such a decent monster have a human(?) kid? The world was strange.
And - now Baudouin was saying something, maybe -


"... I don't think he looks that awful..."

She whispered, and five pairs of eyes turned her way, then quickly forgot she was present.


Nalia nodded quietly, and smiled.
Well, then...

"And anyway, that's how Ianne Jr. and I spent our holiday off the coast of Eskes. It's really nice, you should go there, sometime. Just - you know, do me a favour and let me know if you run across that Queen sometime? I gotta kill her. Just gotta. You know how it is - "

So distracted was the smith that it didn't notice as Toryg began pounding it into the soil.
Baudouin, who had been enjoying being fed grapes by the smith's crying son(?), made a sound somewhere between a shriek and a sob, and bravely hid behind a tree.

The smith picked itself up off from the ground, coughing up blood like liquid crystal.
It's teeth fell out, one by one - replaced from the rows behind.
And it smiled, and winked, from it's left eye to it's right.

"Oh, gee. You're her, aren't you?"

Maybe normally, an epic battle would've followed. Normally.
... But Edge had snuck up behind the smith.

"Troll Knife Juggler."

Knives between the ribcage weren't really juggling, and necksnapping was a whole different type of creature.
The smith drowned slowly, in a pool of its own viscera, asking her to do something -

But she wasn't really listening.
The nether orb hungered - and drank its fill.



"Er, Queen Nalia..."

"We're done here."

Baudouin scratched at his weak imitation of a beard, and she forced herself to ignore Torun's long-winded rant about how it'd take $*&!ing ages to get the blood and creature-gunk out of his pristine jungle. The nervous scholar was pointing at the shivering wretch she'd seen earlier. The smith's kid.

"Can you fight?"

He vomited in reply.

It would've been very easy to leave, but...
That wasn't what a Queen was supposed to do, was it...

She placed her hands against his shoulders, until the man stopped shaking. He looked confused, but - less afraid.

"Go to Nex. Wait there. You'll be all right."

For some reason, he believed - they always did.
Thankfully, Torun intervened and swept him away - and didn't even complain about it.

Before them, the air ripped open. Tendrils of energy, dark lilac and darker still, until they were something besides entirely black, rent the jungle asunder.
(At that, Torun might have said something like $*!# $&^# !#$#$ *[email protected], and then cursed profusely.)

Apologies, Queen Nalia. But I'm afraid it's urgent - as you know. Shall we?..

Announcements / Re: Siralim 3 - Patch 0.18.0
« on: July 09, 2018, 02:26:52 PM »
Awwww yus, new costumes!
My quest to be the nattiest-dressed monarch of Nex continues!
... Though I'm glad you fixed it, kind of bummed that no longer will portals spit out pre-deaded monsters.
It's quite an image.

Support / Slowdown issue with 0.17.0?
« on: July 08, 2018, 02:05:57 PM »
I think I caught a Mite Invader in the wild!

Win7, Intel i7-2630QM CPU @ 2.00 GHZ(8 CPUs), 6k memory.
Two graphics 'cards', one integrated and crummy and the other still-integrated-but-slightly-less-crummy.

The beta operates just fine with no noticeable slowdowns or pauses, and has been what I've been using since I picked the game up.
But I noticed it's significantly behind the mainline version, so I switched back to that - and got the aforementioned slowdowns.
Currently running borderless fullscreen; I'll try switching which 'card' I'm using and let you know if that affects anything.
All drivers are updated to the latest; this could still very well be a hardware problem, but just in case, uh, now you know.

And knowing's half the battle!..

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