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Support / Crash Report During Combat
« on: January 27, 2019, 12:54:39 PM »
I received the following error report and crash today:
action number 1
of  Step Event0
for object obj_battlecontroller:

Push :: Execution Error - Variable Index [0,6] out of range [1,4] - -5.creatureList(100025,6)
at gml_Script_bc_CreatureStartOfTurn
stack frame is
gml_Script_bc_CreatureStartOfTurn (line -1)

I'll be happy to give more detail if it will be helpful.

Gameplay and Balance / Awakened Artifact with Death Siphon
« on: January 02, 2019, 10:05:35 PM »
I recently awakened my artifact for my main creature and was granted the spell Death Siphon. Unfortunately, this now makes the entire artifact useless because I run with a single creature as a Nature Mage using Lone wolf. This essentially means that 20% of the time that I attack, my creature kills itself and the fight is over. Is that spell meant to be in the list? Is there anything that I can do to fix this artifact short of farming another 5 shards?

Edit: I was able to disenchant the awakened spell, thank god, so the artifact itself isn't out of order.

Support / Enemy with Lowest Health Macro Bug
« on: August 06, 2018, 09:58:55 PM »
I am attempting to use the macro "If any enemy has lowest Health, case Magic Missile on that creature." This results in Magic Missile being cast on enemies that have died and are no longer in the battle, meaning that the spell is essentially doing nothing.

Suggestions / Re: resonsidering death penalty
« on: May 30, 2018, 11:29:57 PM »
You're right that I am not obligated to run Lone Wolf, of course, but it seems silly to "punish" certain builds that are offered in each class. I am also quite certain that this problem is not exclusive to Lone Wolf builds - Siralim 2 had a similar problem with randomness in that you could sometimes encounter fights that you just couldn't win, whether it be through spell gems or unfortunate misses on attacks or stat-buildups that you couldn't counter.

Gameplay and Balance / Re: Traits on Artifacts Weighted?
« on: May 30, 2018, 11:24:51 PM »
I'm personally not a fan of the weighted materials and have noticed that the vast, vast majority of artifacts with traits and legendary materials are traits that are available only on creatures that I've encountered/extracted. I can definitely see the argument for this presented above, but from a personal standpoint, it was much more enjoyable in Siralim 2 to find all kinds of crazy traits and build around them. I would very much like to see the old system return, or at least a change to increase the chance of traits for non-encountered creatures to appear.

I've turned mine off solely because I am worried about missing Singularity creatures. I don't mind the time spent on the fights, personally, but I can definitely see the issue with it being the most efficient way to level up; it seems odd that essentially skipping through content would be the "best" way to progress.

Suggestions / Re: resonsidering death penalty
« on: May 30, 2018, 07:31:26 PM »
After playing a fair amount, I feel that I have to chime in on the death penalty. I don't want this to be too overly negative, as I'm enjoying the game on the whole, but the death penalty is really ruining some of the fun. I do understand WHY the death penalty exists and I am generally in favour of risk vs reward systems. The problem with the death penalty in Siralim 3 is that you encounter amazing amounts of randomness and it is nearly impossible to account for all of it. I should say that my experience is as a Nature Mage running Lone Wolf with a Summon Nature gem, so that may factor into some of the frustration.

There are numerous spells and abilities that can deter your progress forward in Siralim 3 and even wipe your party before you are realistically able to react. For Lone Wolf, one of the killers is Mutilate. One spell, my one creature now has 1 hit point. One slight bump, one wayward spell, and I lose all of the gear I've collected. Another MUCH more common spell is Metamorphosis. There have been numerous times that the spell has been cast and I am down to less then 10% life without being able to do anything before my turn is up. There are also numerous stat increasing and decreasing spells that make Lone Wolf incredibly frustrating, but so far Mutilate and Metamorphosis are my two main causes of death.

It doesn't feel fair or fun to lose everything to a random effect that cannot be prevented with the items and spells that one has found to that point. I have found no direct healing spells gems yet and must rely on Mend or Leech for most of my healing. The sheer randomness in monster parties, spell gems, and artifacts makes death something of an inevitability. Even when I am trying to leave a realm as quickly as possible to claim my loot, there are unavoidable fights along the way.

I would like to propose removing the death penalty or, at the very least, changing how it works. Perhaps let us select to keep only our spell gems, or only our cores, or only the artifacts. I'd be interested in hearing other ideas on what could be done, as well, or hearing if it is a problem for others.

I've been using Nature Mage, which I was a bit skeptical of at first. Lone Wolf, however, has been wonderful. I've been running that with a Summer Aspect and I was lucky enough to get a Summon Nature gem that uses health to cast and has a chance to cast twice. When I get into a rough situation, I can basically summon an entire party if need be, and they usually come with either decent damage or healing spells to recover. Looking forward to getting better artifact traits and creatures for Lone Wolf, but really, really enjoying Nature Mage and am pleasantly surprised.

Hey there - welcome to the wonder that is Siralim!

The bonus from Unholy Night will last for the combat. Once it is over, the stats reset to normal.

Breeding is still a bit complicated, but to get the most gene strength - to my understanding - you want the creatures that are breeding to be close to your mage level. Gene strength itself is just an indication of how many stat bonuses are added to the monster, and that stats seem to pull from the highest stats of the creatures being bred, though some tests on the forums report that some monsters seem to transfer over inherent stats instead of highest.

You can begin breeding as soon as you unlock it, which will be dependent on your team and how quickly you can get to that part of the game. It is somewhat stat intensive at the beginning, and unless you find a creature that you like RIGHT away, I personally recommend saving breeding for stats until you are established. I'm Mage level 108 and still don't feel that I'm ready to get into hardcore breeding because I'm still working on a team, but your mileage will vary. I do have monsters with +30s, but this isn't focused breeding like I will be doing in future. The biggest hindrance at early levels is that after a certain gene strength (I think +15, but that may be wrong), you need a ritual to hatch eggs, which means that you'll be down a creature while it hatches.

Hope that has been at least somewhat helpful! Check in with the chat, as well, as there are a lot of people here that can answer breeding questions much better than I can (Umaro, Noetherian, jamosup, Psylisa, and AlaskA come to mind, but there are certainly others).

This thread may answer some of your breeding questions, as well:

Support / Re: ZACK: If you are reading this, go to bed!!!
« on: June 16, 2016, 11:01:33 PM »
+1, dude deserves a day or five off.

You are amazing, Zack - thanks so much!

Suggestions / Can we get a punishment to turn off stable experience?
« on: June 15, 2016, 07:15:28 PM »
I don't like that my creatures gain experience in the stable, as I like them to be "fresh" when I start to work on them. I realize it's maybe a bit silly, but it's a preference. Zack, would you consider adding a punishment to turn off stable experience? Seclusion, perhaps, or Ignorance, or Abandonment. Something along those lines.

Support / [Bug] Intermittent Menu Movements on Controller
« on: June 14, 2016, 06:53:47 PM »
I am using a standard XBox wired controller with Siralim and have noticed an intermittent issue that I've confirmed with the chat is happening with at least one other person. At random intervals - and always in combat - the game acts as though I am holding down or up on the control stick/pad, scrolling through the various options. I can wiggle the joystick a few times to fix the problem, but it seems to happen at least once each realm. I've noticed that, with Siralim 2 open, I can press the keys on the controller and it will input text on in a text box, so I'm wondering if this problem has something to do with how the controller is assigned in the game.

Introduce Yourself / Re: Greetings from Ohio
« on: June 14, 2016, 02:50:41 PM »
Greetings from a fellow Northeast Ohioan!

Something I've been running into a lot, actually, is that I need to keep stacking Speed to even complete fights. I've got a pretty solid team, in that I typically go first with two of my creatures, and those that don't have some defenses built in to survive a first-wave assault. I don't use Snowstorm, but I do use Tsunami that casts twice, which is a huge bonus to fights - not only does it do a ton of damage, but it also decreases Speed fairly significantly.

You are right, Noetherian, that Speed doesn't have negative consequences for stacking. It makes a monster harder to hit, makes the monster hit easier, and lets them go first. With Speed affecting the turn order, I think it may be too powerful to also be included in the To Hit calculation.

I don't want to derail this topic too much, though. I like the punishment system and I'm looking forward to having more to choose from.

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