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General Discussion / Re: No more Thylacine?
« on: November 06, 2018, 12:40:11 AM »
Thylacine is in the game but doesnt have the same trait as in S2. My theory to unlock Thylacine is get Thylacine's Legacy talisman to 1000. GL testing that one, I wont be finished any time soon.

General Discussion / Re: final post/critique of S3 in its present state
« on: August 03, 2018, 12:03:28 AM »
I think what made S1 the best in the series was the actual challenge involved in creating a broken team. It took a lot more time and lots of dungeon crawling to find the materials you needed. Then comes S2...the series went off the rails here with the autocasting, gene strength and locking out extractions until you breed the crittter. New game plus fixed some of this, but it was a real let down.

S3 I put in between the two other games. It's way better than S2, but still lacks the challenge and draw that S1 has. S3 is kind of like magical fairy land where the balance comes because every mage class is over powered. Class swap on spell gems is an AWFUL idea and it just makes all your creatures basically the same class. Oh yeah and auto casting is back from S2, cuz we need that.

Breeding is (currently) a lot better and a solid improvement over S2. Artifacts system is the best yet. The extraction needs to be fully unlocked like in S1, but its still way better than s2.

...but the REAL PROBLEM with S3 is this: POWER CREEP!

In S3 you have tons more traits and, just like the mage classes, the only way to balance them is to make them all either OP or useless. In S1 it took a long time to assemble a crew that could tackle infinite realms. In S3 you can make one before you even finish the tutorial missions. Between the power creep on mage perks, and power creep on 700+ traits the challenge isnt discovering making an infinite team, its making one that can end a battle in less than 5 seconds every time.

There just too many ways to break the game at early levels, yes Im looking at you autocasting sorc mage.

All of that said, if you get more than 100 hours out of a $20 game youve gotten insanely high value. I found very little challenge in S3 once the initial bugs were fixed, but I still played a couple hundred hours of it. Cant really complain.

I disagree. The real commodity in Siralim is real life time. How long it takes you to do things, how efficient doing those things are, and the strive to make those things happen faster are what drives you to create powerful team.

If you simply have a mechanic like this that you can turn on and effciently farm resources and favor, that trivializes the whole process.

In my opinion the whole point of this game is running around discovering the most broken team you can think of, and pit that team against an endless stream of enemies who keep getting stronger.

It's an ill conceived mechanic that no one asked for. It makes Deified with all gods automatic and a no-brainer.

The game is trivial at low levels we don't need / want an even easier mode.


-Music: Head and shoulders above previous games
-Artifact system: so much better in every way, and more content coming on this too
-Story Mode: vastly superior than either previous game in terms of content and writing
-Death Mage: clearly a fan favorite, Saia mechanics are unique and interesting, summons are a thing too
-Nature Mage: Take the most powerful mage from S2 and give him even more power? ok...
-Spell Gems: Much more interesting properties, class swap add a lot of depth
-itherian realms: Cool and interesting, sigils provide real challenges
-Nether Creature System - more streamlined and flexible
-Altar of Blood: Punishments gone! Use this with Gore Knife to get whatever mat you need. great concept.
-Tavern Brawls: Not even in the game yet but the concept is still a winner and something many look forward to


-Sounds: Same sounds from early games. Tinny, chimey bells for every spell and effect. Monster sound effects are weird and dont sound like how you would imagine. All treble no bass...
-Breeding System: Most folks are put off by the level caps, the micro management required to keep your creatures advancing and just dont like killing their favorite creatures in general
-Resource use balance: The early game may as well be renamed "Endless Quest for Crystal", though some recent patches have improved this a bit
-Autocasting: Want to make a team that crashes the game with infinite autocasts like we did in S2? Yeah, that's still here. Can make a full auto cast team by realm 15 easily.
-Heart of Darkness: At least you can turn it off now... This was ill conceived at best.
-Weighted / gated item drops: Why the hell do I need 6 agility aura artifacts? Well here 8 more for you anyways just in case, and a ton of Cannon Shot and Live to Labor for ya as well.
-Recipes: All the breeding recipes you will find are for creatures you ALREADY HAVE! Yeah cuz thats what I want to do, discover things I have already discovered...
-Life Mage: Life who? Oh yeah hes a class we can choose form too. If we want no power early on, and no creatures to support the perks because the items are gated that is...
-Singular Creatures: We dont care about pallete swaps very much, you would be better off with alternate music for battles / realms in place of critter skins. I would personally pay real money for alternate music options or the ability to choose what song played where (Regalis theme everywhere)
-Arena: Still in early access but its currently as stale as it was in S2. It has potential to be something cool and interesting but currently it's a dud

What do you guys think of my list? What did I miss or get wrong?

I took nature because I knew I wanted to have a few different race based teams and Nature is the best for those hands down. I'm currently happy with the choice though I will try Death mage evetually because it looks unique and fun.

Sorc mage looks like autocasting S2 all over again, not really interested in that. Life seems weakest. Chaos seems solid.

Gameplay and Balance / Re: WAY too much Autocasting still...
« on: May 31, 2018, 08:31:33 PM »
To be fair my combo is an entry level example of what is currently possible even before you beat the story. And trust me it leads to DISGUSTING power. There's a TON of traits that work off defend that can break the game apart any number of ways using that combo as a base.

And that is using starter creatures.

Zack said he wanted S3 to be different than S2 in regards to autocasting, but its all still there currently if you put a few basic pieces together.

Gameplay and Balance / WAY too much Autocasting still...
« on: May 31, 2018, 04:33:35 PM »
Once you get a few traits or gems its S2 all over again.

Wallflower + Fan Dance traits. Critter with guardian force gem defend: 10 free casts. Now insert your most broken spells like glory, mana drain, all the debuffs, and hell throw a bunch of damage at em while youre at it.

All of that brokeness fits on 1 creature with 1 artifact. You still have 5 other slots to make this setup even more broken... its rediculous and that happens with the starter creatures / cores.

SOLUTION: Auto casts cost the full mana value OR auto cast cap of 1-2 per turn.

or better yet delete the offending traits and spells. Glory never should have made it out of S2.

Support / Re: "Can't have buffs" ignores artifact buffs
« on: May 31, 2018, 04:25:31 PM »
Hell Hound's Hound Legion trait gets around it as well. I woudl assume any trait that says "always has this buff" would as well. Not sure if thats intended or not but there ya go.

SOLVED: Apparently to get new critters you have to go to Itherian realms. I thought it was the other way around. As soon as I went to an Itherian, new critters popped up immediately. I still am not seeing new critters in regular realms, dunno if thats a bug but I can live with this fine.

Support / Re: Spell Tap gems count as non-temporary
« on: May 30, 2018, 08:48:06 PM »
ver. 0.0.43

Gems granted to your entire team by the Spell Tap trait count as non-temporary spell gems.
I'm unsure if this is intended, but as it stands, it makes certain other traits (like Terra Vulpes or Glade Watcher) insanely powerful.

Yes, you can do the same with Generous property on spell gems, but that requires that each and every spell gem have the trait.

Yeah and its really buggy too. I tried using Spell tap with Solidarity (seals each other critter's 1st three spells and can cast all of them for 0 mana). It works but its buggy as hell, too hard to describe but its a big mess. Try it.

It's been over 30 realm levels since I found a new extractable critter. I check every monster, every battle, every realm.

What ever creature I missed during the time when pacman mode was locked in active mode now has such a tiny chance of spawning that I am basically stuck in whatever tier im in forever.

Support / Found a bug that ignores the +/- Stat cap
« on: May 30, 2018, 03:44:40 PM »
The game only checks to see if an enemy has enough stats to allow a stat change at the beginning of a spell / attack. But if you trigger a SERIES of attacks (wild stabs is what im using) or spells that all reduce stats, the follow up stat changes all hit and reduce whatever stat it is to 1, thus ignoring the stupid cap.

I dont like the cap, but this is clearly a bug you arent intending.

Gameplay and Balance / Re: Traits on Artifacts Weighted?
« on: May 30, 2018, 10:04:53 AM »
Overall I dislike weighted drops, please bring back the old random drops.

This should be ESPECIALLY true of the breeding recipes. I mean why the hell would you weight the recipe drops for creatures we already have? Recipes are different than the other items because the knowledge persists beyond the save files. The only time you can actually and truly experiment is in the beginning  before every recipe has been put on the wiki.

Or maybe you are a person who avoids the wiki spoilers, why are you punishing that person with these useless weighted recipes?

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