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And the Runes are only disabled for tavern brawls, not the rest of the game.
Correct. And that was rather ironical, 'cause rest of the game (90% of it, OK) by design requires much more generic tactic than fighting other players. Though, of curse, less customization == better balance, if word "balance" was ever applicable to Siralim series.

The tavern brawls replace the pvp sigils, not the Arena.
No one cares about pvp sigils, that mechanic didn't even made it into playable alpha. I'm talking in-castle encounters taking place somewhere outside of Arena.

So homebase fights now gonna take place at tavern rather than Arena ? Despite being more sporty and competitive ?
Oh, and also: why remove rune effects ? They always was a major tactics provider.

Also, even if someone does something defined as "evil", it does not mean that that person is a D&D Chaotic Evil murderhobo. Everyone has a reason for what they do.
Technically in DnD "good" and "evil" was directly defined by planar cosmology (thing that I personally avoid at all costs for my own setting), not reason. On other hand, nothing was defined in Siralim lore as "good" or "bad" before - just "destructive" and not so much.

Hm. Are you sure it is force field, not arcane disruption bubble or some other form of countermagic radiation ?

It's may be just me being stupid, but force fields is mostly about shielding physical threats, like arrows/bullets and stuff - no ?

Can we port this Vulcanar from PS3 back to PC, please ?

Hm. Torun reminds of immobile forms for Pretender Gods in Dominions. Can it move, just to note ?

Wow. Cool chaotic space marine <3. Some kind of Khorne berzerker, let me guess ?

killing an entire village for power and gold is commonly defined as evil. Not a big deal :/.
Even if, say, God told you to do it ? I believe it was called Crusade or something in our medieval time.
Moral is not something to be easily defined. Especially with sapient (not even Pokemon level of IQ) monsters added to mix.

Are, say, Tartarith good or evil ? He is a God too, mind you.

Interesting. So, Chaos casting part was transferred to Sorcery and buffed ?

Wait a moment. So, we officially now have a black/white morality in Siralim ?

[Archived] Siralim 3 - Development Discussion / Re: Design your own traits!
« on: February 27, 2018, 04:38:08 AM »
Nothing or Nothing - this creature receives no effect from any other traits in game.
Torn veil - all spells cast on those creature affects rest of it's party at 25% potency as well.
Inisidous genesis - when attacking, this creature always targets itself. 25% of resulting damage is dealt to every enemy creature.
Fatestitcher - when this creature dies from damage, random other creature dies as well.

Naturally, if you ask me, I believe that +X% perks and traits should be avoided when possible.

Yes, Siralim lost boardgame (DnDish magic system with MtG traits) feel since S1.
In S2, though, it regained an interesting twist with being almost (almost) classical tactical sandbox. Somewhat like Wizardry games, most of traits and perks still offered interwining mechanics instead of plain bonuses.

Now, if S3 gonna turn into complete MMORPGish number game with "+% of this stat and +% of that" I will seriously quit.

As for Death - it should about enthropy and pain/gain (not to mistake with Chaos' risk/reward) duality. Sacrificing own summons was extremely fitting, as well as making enemy corpses unexploitable.

Oh, welll... So: no more Death Pact, Graft, From Death to Destiny, Corpse Defilement and Hymn of the Dead ?
Overpowered flesh golem pet instead of (more or less) unique mechanics ?

"We're not in AzeroSiralim anymore...

...But hey, I want to go back."

"track whatever comes near" sounds a little better, IMO.

I'm torn here a bit. Frome mechanical POV those new system is awesome: simple and clean.
And, you you mentioned word 'roleplay'... So, mighty avatar is simply a god-granted creature like Shade or Yeti now.
Not some otherworldy entity that can only be projected for limited presence. Not something entirelly different from slimes and skeletons. Just a crit.

...How those things ever deserve to be called "gods", seriously ?
They have no portfolio, no followers, no actual power over prime material plane.

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