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Help and Guides / Posting My Team Build and All My stats
« on: January 18, 2018, 12:25:05 PM »
Hey guys, just wanted to post a big post about how much I enjoyed the game, and now that I havent been playing as much while waiting for the new games... I thought I could post regarding my strategy build and items. some may find it interesting, and I would like to post before the knowledge leaves my head you know, its been a few months since I really played hard, and was killing the lvl 10 gods/daily realm streak MAX, so some choices here I might not remember why I made them lol.

game time: 480 hours
level 1052
battles won 4260, lost 15
arena wins 65, 5 losses

Key runes: EDA, IME
( these are key runes so that you have an almost 0% chance of dying to most trait combinations)


Nix Informer, Starting Battle with enemy silence is just necessary for speed of play, and when the enemies are so strong that 1 spell can kill you.


Spells: Parasites Start of Battle, Rain of Blood Start of Battle

Dragon Queen

The First Engine for killing creatures, 200% speed trait and max speed artifact is necessary here. you can pretty much breeze over mid level content with just this guy and start of battle debuffs. really pain free grinding.

Spells: Mind Storm Start of Battle, Black Ice Cast Extra Target and On Kill, Crystal Shield on Kill, Elemental Tome ( helps sometimes with very difficult guys) Start of battle, Drain Mana on Kill, Blur Start of Battle

Pit Guard ( boost queen speed)

Important to have shadow aegis on artifact trait ( as well as invis its self) here so you dont die to Diamond Attunement. Artifact Start Battle with Grace ( all creatures from hammer lord)

Spells: Volcano Start of Battle, Mutilate Defend ( if you need to remove debuff at the same time as nuking them)

Hammer Lord

Artifact Trait, Pariah, best trait in the game potentially, and you have it on an artifact for reasons, and you use this invis with so many things to make it super strong. ( rune, aegis ect) Start battle with ward.

Spells: none of note

Industrias Sanctus

just great defensive traits here...
Spells: Holy Protection Start of battle ( this can be moved to nether if you need things to be 100% at start of battle, just takes longer)

Sphinx Justicar nether

nether aura speed or def here
Spell tap is the 2nd kill engine, giving GREAT multi class spellgems to all creatures, and they maintain their properties like start of battle or on provoke/defend. You can kill anything with your whole team having provoke multicast extra target mutilates.

On provoke Spell gems: affliction, parasites, Mutilate Extra Target On death, Zephyr 1 extra time +58% healing, Chaos Channeling, Mind Explosion, Wormrot, EQ,
Spell gems on Death: ( remember all creatures now have these) Requiem, ive once beaten a lvl 10 god where i got one shot endlessly for 40 mins , but this kept proccing, and eventually I was able to regain control with invis/shell and get everyone back up and buffed/stable with invis rotation.

Regular Gems:
Divinity, some times you just need to restart the battle and roll the dice on starting order.
dust cloak ( so whoever is last can invis everyone at end of teams battles)
dark enchantment
elemental barrier on defend/crit/death
soothing breeze

Alternate Traits/Item Combos:

Absolution is a great one, as you are debuffing them anyway, why not get a buff too? I start with most of the good ones now that i have hammer lord, so to speed things up I took this off.
Sloth, is good if you keep dying to enemies before you can get invis or shell up at start of battle. not really needed as you cant cast shell before gods cast their start of battle things, since they are faster, but good as an early/midgame trait
Bulwark, good for protecting key creatures with invis/shell/res/heal before you get your spell tap nether and defensive traits setup.
Stank, another great defensive trait when debuffing

I have probably missed some alternate or extra spell gems I unequipped for speed reasons, but this is the core of my teams 2 killing methods.

I hope you guys learned and enjoyed this.

see you all in s3 and negative , side note, game im playing right now while waiting for s3/negative is called 'merchant rpg'

[Archived] Siralim 3 - Development Discussion / my thoughts on s3
« on: November 29, 2017, 05:34:00 PM »
my thoughts. moved from the announcement post.

"Post-story content is absolutely insane. There’s so much to do and so many things to unlock"

I think there needs to be a bit more end game variation. gods or end game bosses should go up higher. after beating gods in s2 and doing daily lvl 10 i was kinda lost of what to do. need slightly more structure or options for getting really end game, and testing us there too.

" the content is both rich and diverse. I’m particularly excited about the new Sigils system – it’s definitely the best thing that has ever happened to this game series."

i think a fully custom sigil/portal/daily realm system should be required at end game, however you get to that point ( maybe not right away but at the end it has to be like this) i think making it like PoE's portal system with the existing siralim flair.

for daily realm: log in, look at daily realm stats/debuffs/buffs. each daily realm will have a full assortment of all mobs inside having effects like sigils do, and you have to plan for a longer set of fights. ie you have to have MULTIPLE sets of monsters to be ready to tackle certain daily immunities and properties/buffs in daily realms. lets not just make it harder, but make it smarter, since at the end of siralim2 I was just using 1 party. this will encourage more multi-party setups.  oh i need to have a physical team a magic team and this and that ready to be used for the entire realm ect
one attempt, you fight as long as you can ( this part is optional but could be fun to use on sigils or some challenge portals), portals keep getting harder ( in both streak bonus and on that individual day)

sigil: take a page from Path of exile. maybe make every specific stat custom, ( i did hate how it was super expensive to reroll and you couldnt choose what you wanted to remove, sometimes you rerolled the same thing too) and you can really tailor it to get extreme difficulty at the benefit of extreme loot. make a certain # or quality of sigil buffs/debuffs award a certain tier of item. ( also items are too linear, im happy you are removing the blandness of items and their levels, need more uniques not just any standard item you can level, more like the negative or diablo 2 uniques/poe stuff)

new portal: make a single use sigil, but instead of getting rewards+cores, make this more for the extreme challenge person, who wants to fight until they drop, so make this one an endless sigil that gets harder every floor/fight.

new stuff that i love:

shiny Pokemon
Auto-cast properties on Spell Gems are gone
New perks for each class

"Lots of battle changes. Traits and spells that modify stats now do so based on the creature’s original stats at the start of battle, so your creatures won’t gain stats exponentially anymore. I’ve also tried to reduce the number of times your creatures can attack or cast spells in one turn by rebalancing spells and traits accordingly."

it would be great with the new combat stats display to really see how much a different each stat/spell item or trait is really doing ( maybe show it in the spell its self, so we can make more informed decision, sometimes healing or drain spells would fizzle or do nothing and you couldnt really tell) , as before you could only really 'guess' in battle.

need more secrets i think too.


General Discussion / Gonfurian avatar + single target spells
« on: June 20, 2017, 02:58:04 PM »
hey guys just read the Gonfurian avatar description.

Avatar Trait: Eraser - Your Creatures' single-target spells now affect all the creatures on the default selected side, but they deal 50% less damage, heal 50% less health, and increase/decrease stats 50% less. This trait only affets spells that are cast manually.

does the effect, effect 'single target' spell gems that have 'cast on extra target?

so for instance if i have molten armor, it will cause shell and 30% attack on all my creatures?

what if I have mutilate? will it mutilate the entire enemy team?

what If i have these spells to cast on provoke? does that count as 'manually' ?

Support / double chest spawn in corners making 1 unreachable
« on: June 15, 2017, 12:40:31 PM »
in daily realms only I think... two chests spawning beside each other making one unreachable

General Discussion / disturbance punishment
« on: June 07, 2017, 04:45:43 PM »
does the disturbance trait only reduce the damage spells and regular attacks do? what about other sources of damage, debuffs ect

also does the instability punishment change your now transformed creatures traits? or are only spell gems ( what about if they change class) or artifacts the same?

General Discussion / start battle with barrier on artifact
« on: June 05, 2017, 04:45:44 PM »
what is this barriers value? some % of defense or is it a flat value?

anyone know?

Support / bug with castle cats and daily realm portal
« on: May 09, 2017, 11:52:05 AM »
when a cat is on top of a portal and you press A on it, it pulls up both dialogue boxes, if you do press A again you go into daily realm but it gets stuck on loading. ( not sure what happens if you press b and back out ) maybe restrict the cats movement outside of the portal spawnable areas?

General Discussion / YAY I got a Maniacal Ghoul Card
« on: May 01, 2017, 05:20:06 PM »
Jeez what a let down, +1 turns on leech buff for death creatures only? I think this might have to be the worst card in the game.

Wish there was a way to reroll cards or exchange them, even if it was using glimmer or a lot of regular resources or some dusts or something ( all of which most end-game players can afford, I have a lot of unusable for my build dusts, lots of resources minus exalted emblems and lots of extra glimmer)

General Discussion / Breeding Nether Creatures
« on: April 26, 2017, 01:18:36 PM »
I havent made my second nether creature yet, but I have my first one will all the fixings, however its gene str is quite low now compared to what I have now so... was looking to upgrade it as much as I can.

So I know you cant breed a nether with a regular creature. but can you breed nether creature with another?

do people just make a new nether creature and use their old ones for warlord?

Support / error when casting spell
« on: April 17, 2017, 12:36:07 PM »
not sure what happened wasnt watching, but it looked like the spell finished casting and was either applying debuffs or just finished, and then crashed at that point.

General Discussion / mana burn, does it do anything?
« on: April 04, 2017, 06:17:27 PM »
a couple of times i did mana burn some guys a bunch ( before start of battle), but enemies just kept on casting. does mana burning to stop them from casting actually do that?
i know you can infinity mana drain any enemy to recover your teams mana... does that mean every enemy has infinite mana for the purpose of casting spells when not silenced/stunned ?

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