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[Archived] Siralim 3 - Development Discussion / Class levels
« on: January 25, 2018, 04:58:52 PM »
I'm sure many of us have heard of multiclass characters. A character with levels in multiple classes. I was thinking on the topic lately, and i'm curious about hiw classes are going to work in S3.

Since levels will be more meamingful, i was thinking that, potentially, there may be some kind of pick-a-perk system when you level up, or you could decide to leave those points for a later level, IDK. So a 10-th level Death mage becomes intrigued with Life magic, and desides to dabble in life mage, becoming a Death 10/Life 1, and it may present a new kind of end game thing, getting max levels in all mage classes, and building the ultimate multichromal team, with each creature class included or something. This whould need some more creatures whose traits backed up other creatures' from different classes, but could be an interesting thing to try. I'm intrigued with the ideas of noclass creatures in the game.

What is your opinion, Zack?

[Archived] Siralim 3 - Development Discussion / Saving in floors.
« on: January 10, 2018, 03:43:46 PM »
OK, so imagine you're playing S3, and suddenly, in the middle of a floor, you want to have a break. The door, which gave you a powerful artifact, has a very obscure teleport shine, and BAM! You lose your floor progress.

Will S3 have some sort of progress saving mechanic? To end a session on a floor and then begin it anew later in the same place?

Hey Zack, what can you tell us about the legendary Nethers? And Nether demons in S2? And what will they become in S3? Can you draw some comparisons?

Also, i'd really appreciate if the Nethers(NC's) become more easily accesible.

[Archived] Siralim 3 - Development Discussion / Make summoning great again!
« on: December 09, 2017, 05:10:13 PM »
I've been playing siralim 1 recently, and i just fell in live with the minion buff family.

In retrospect, i think that S3 should have a better summoning system than S2, because only the abomination family can relly on summons. Attack strategy families - tons and tones of them. Spell slinging families - less, but quite a lot still. Summoning families?...
Abominations. JUST ONE.

See? I want S3 to have a summoning system on par with S1, but different, because summoning in S1 was so much better than it is in S2. Maybe a secondary "army" display? Or you could just make Summoned critters disappear after they've died, freeing up space for more summons? Or, you could go retro on the retro game and use a system similar to the S1?

Just a suggestion, but i whould be very greatefull for any replies, thanks.

This is a long guide about the so-called Healkill team, so read at your own risk.

The Healkill team is one that is notorious for its effectiveness, and this guide is meant to deepen the understanding of how the team works, what creatures to get, and how to manage your artifacts.

What is the Healkill team?
It is a team that capitalises on the Clairvouyance's Spirits ability to deal damage when your creatures heal, and the rest of the creatures supporting it capitalise and improve the damage and healing of the team.

How do i get one?
I suggest looking at the wiki of Siralim 2 for the breeding combinations - even to other builds it is a great resource, but this build requires the breeding of multiple creatures and is likely to start assembling only mid-game so remember to have paralelely have a standard (non breeding requiering) team, feel free to experiment on diffrent team compositions, even non Healkilling ones, it can be a long wait, but at least youll have a lot of gene strength to throw around.

There are the suggested creatures for this build, do note that i rely heavily on Overheal from Life mage, and some other goodies to stay in shape. So, without further adieu, i give you my version of the Healkill team.

Creatures: Ah, the base of any build, creatures. Artifacts only get you so far, so it is essential that you pick your team very carefully, this is important to all builds.

Required creatures: These guys are needed to create any Healkill team, they are the thing that makes your Heal do some Kill, and while the Light Priest and Caritas Sanctus are not explictly required, they gets out the largest heal in existence, which is great for our purposes. The Clairvoyance Spirit ais the heart  and soul of the team.
Clairvoyance spirit: Abnegation
When your creatures are healed, a random enemy takes damage equal to 50% of the amount of Health recovered. This trait does not stack.
The cornerstone of this build, you should have an artifact with maxed Def and HP hanging on it and defend it with everything you have, its the single most inportant creature on a Healkill team.NOTE This creature is assumed to be included in all Healkill teams.END OF NOTE

Caritas sanctus: Charity
After this creature is healed, heal your other creatures for the same amount. This trait does not heal creatures that also have this trait.
Another important component of the build, and the most healed crature on the team, artifacts for max HP and also Def.

Priest of light: Bearer of Needs
This creature can attack allies to heal them for 100% of their Health instead of dealing damage.
This guy will heal the Caritas sanctus( or the highest Hp guy on the team) for massive damage for the enemy team, max Spd and Def.
Other components: these are less important to our build and can be ignored, but make it more powerfull, if you go fully into the teams route i suggest grabbing some of the guys presented below.

Willow spirit: Everglow
Your creatures recover 100% more Health when healed.
Support unit, doubles the effect of the build, making the maxing of Sanctus' Hp even more effective, max Int and Def.
NOTE: you can have as many of these guys as you want, because their trait stacks with itself, making your build up to 1600% more effective, losing on versatility througth, correct me if i'm wrong END OF NOTE

Omnipotent Deity: Singularity
At the start of battle, your creatures share their base Maximum Health with each other. In addition, your creatures take 100% more damage. This trait does not stack.
Also greatly increases the benefit of maxing Hp on all creatures , and greatly boosts the survivability of the team. WARNING these creatures require a long and very specific breeding chain, and are pretty hard to get, best to have only one of there as their trait does not stack.END OF WARNING

Mutated Vampire bat: Vampiric Aura
After an ally attacks, your creatures recover Health equal to 15% of the damage dealt.
A good addition to this team, works really well with Fallen Carnage, be sure to max its Atk and Spd.

Unicorn Consecrator: Circle of Life
This creature's attacks heal allies for 50% of the damage dealt.
A suprisingly good replacement for Fallen Carnage, it may even be a good idea to get 2 Caritas Sancti in your team. Max Atk all the time.

Pit Wraith Lord: Through the Gloom
Your creatures deal 75% more damage to targets that are above 95% Health. This trait does not stack.
Another good support for Fallen Carnage, will insure that the enemy actualy dies from its attack, interchangable with Pit Wraith Destructor, and due to its decent Int, can be used as a Death caster, as your Carnage won't have time to cast.

Fallen Carnage: Midnight Feast
After this creature kills a creature, it recovers 100% Health and takes another turn. This trait only allows the creature to take an additional turn once at a time.
The basis for more aggresive Healkill builds, be sure to get some form of Heal spreading for catasthrophic effect, especially when paired with the Omnipotent Deity. Has great synergy with some mentioned creatures, also works great with the Blood Reaper. On another note, it can be a solid replacement for your Caritas Sanctus, althrougth that puts more strain on it's Hp, but with the aforementioned Omnipotent Deity, these problems can be much smaller. Can potentially clear 4 enemies per Attack, when with enougth HP and Atk.

Blood reaper: Decapitation
After attacking a creature with less than 25% Health, kill it, then heal your creatures for 100% Health.
This is so powerfull, if you can get its trait to work, imagine healing yor entire team for all their Hp, then most of your team again, and dealing half of the Healing as damage, so powerfull that it's worth a lineup team just to get its trait to work.NOTE if you build around the Clairvoyamce S. and the Blood R., dont get the brainy overmind Pit wraith, itll ruin the enire setup. END OF NOTE

Dryad raincaller: Soothing Rain
After this creature defends, your creatures recover 10% Health for each buff they have.
Can work profoundly well if you have some form of buff on every creature, consider getting the Gain X buff on battle start on yor artifacts, especially the Caritas Sanctus, or get yourself a decent buffer to hand out the heals.

Forest gatgantuan:Resprout
At the start of this creature's turn, it recovers Health equal to 50% of the damage it took since its last turn.
A good provocking defender, and be sure to get taunt on it.

Mercurial slime:Diffusion
After this creature is attacked, it heals your other creatures for 25% of the damage taken.
Hint - dont boost Def. Decent Provoker, be sure to have Ressurect on hand througth, be sure to pudh Hp.

Fin: i love siralim for its crazy Min-Max builds, which is almost a Taboo in other games, i hope you have as much fun reading this as i had wrtighting it, post a comment if you have an opinion or thought, or think that something needs to be changed, sincerely yours.

Help and Guides / What does haunted golem do on death?
« on: September 26, 2017, 11:20:00 AM »
As the name, does it Rez as another creature? Does it summon one? Does it summon a random Death creature? What does it do?

I'm thinking about creating a punch team with my level 19 death mage. Do you think this team will be effective? I'm thinking about turning one of my wraiths nether once i have the opportunity. Please comment. Asking for advice.

Pit wraith lord:
Through the Gloom
Your creatures deal 75% more damage to targets that are above 95% Health. This trait does not stack.

Pit wraith obliterator: Unmending
Enemies take 0.5% more damage for every 1% Health they have. This trait does not stack.

Carnage Destructor(2): Rend and Tear
After this creature attacks and kills an enemy, it attacks the creatures adjacent to it for 50% more damage.

The other creatures are negotiable, if it seems more effective, as are the carnages, propose an exchange of carnages maybe a rotting carnage. I'm thinking about having either 2 Unicorn vivifiers, or some other rezing creature, as i've taken unholy night, so it will be more effective to rez than to heal.

The strategy of this build is pretty simple:
1. Attack with C. Destructors and hopefully kill the other creatures before they act (plenty of speed and attack to throw around thanks to artifacts( maybe even a berzerk artifact thrown in), also using the Pit Wraiths' passive to oneshot enemies)
2. Use Pit wraiths to cleanup, various disabling castings also on them(like Purgatory, please suggest some other disables).
3. If anybody is killed, rez with U Vivifiers packed with defencive artifacts, also getting crazy Attack and Speed bonuses from Unholy night, Maybe i'll get one Shadow Carnage to clean up all the low-hp enemies, also packed with Attack and Speed, but less so than the other carnage/carnages.
4. Repeat.

Open to suggestions on the team, and, are there any rez death spells or death rezzers?

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