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Suggestions / Breaking up paragraphs in lore?
« on: July 11, 2018, 04:22:18 PM »
This /might/ fall under localisation, but though I usually don't do things like this for free/'exposure', I might be willing to do so, here...  ;)

I love the lore system, but it can be a bit clunky, due to being in one box-o-text.
Though it's hardly a game-breaking issue, I think that - at some point before release - it might be nice to break those boxes up, for purposes of formatting.
E.G, using Skeleton Triggerman as an example:

"The Skeleton Triggerman is the most swashbuckling of it's kind. It likes to sneak into big cities, go into taverns of lesser repute, and shoot up the place for fun. Thanks to it's reckless behaviour, the main weakness of its species was discovered: the only way to defeat them for good is to damage their skulls. It also seems to like drinking whiskey, though it spills on the floor through the cavity of its throat."

Not hard to read at all on a forum, but a bit cumbersome in-game. Here's how I'd change it:

"The Skeleton Triggerman is the most swashbuckling of it's kind.

It likes to sneak into big cities, go into taverns of lesser repute, and shoot up the place for fun.
Thanks to it's reckless behaviour, the main weakness of its species was discovered: the only way to defeat them for good is to damage their skulls.

It also seems to like drinking whiskey, though it spills on the floor through the cavity of its throat."

Although I don't know if the in-game boxes can handle line-breaks, one could certainly use multiple pages if need be - but again, this is hardly a top-tier concern.
Just thought I'd put it out there, while it's on my mind....

Oh, why did I use Skeleton Triggerman as my example?
Well - the fact that it drinks whiskey, while being a skeleton, makes it the best. There are many best critters in Siralim, but Skeleton Triggerman may have just won my heart forever.

Game Development / Emotions in The Negative?
« on: July 10, 2018, 02:07:28 PM »
So, I think I've mentioned - or maybe not, sorry, a lot's been on my mind - but The Negative looks like a game I've wanted to see done for some time.
I'm a huge fan of classic turn-based strategy, both in a more HoMM and Eador-style, and the more RPG-meets-monster-raiser that The Negative seems to be.
But one of my concerns with various projects I've had throughout the years is how to balance what makes those sort of games fun (something I have little worry about you managing!) and the more unpleasant emotions that I feel the game will be taking a look at.

Maybe it's just that I'm a pessimist by nature, myself, but I find that engaging players while developing a dark and downbeat setting is - difficult, at best.
Speaking generally - I'm not just fishing for spoilers, I swear! - how are you planning on developing the ruinous world that I expect we'll be seeing, while keeping players invested in the setting?
Are you planning on including lore for the inhabitants, creatures, and relics - like the Soulsborne series and, to some degree, Siralim 3?

Or having a more elabourate story woven throughout - perhaps more NPC interaction?

Perhaps something else entirely - such as relating the fighting ability of your creatures/allies to their mental state?

I know it's InDev, so all answers might be subject to change - but I'd love to hear about your design philosophy sometime, so I thought I might as well ask!

Support / Slowdown issue with 0.17.0?
« on: July 08, 2018, 02:05:57 PM »
I think I caught a Mite Invader in the wild!

Win7, Intel i7-2630QM CPU @ 2.00 GHZ(8 CPUs), 6k memory.
Two graphics 'cards', one integrated and crummy and the other still-integrated-but-slightly-less-crummy.

The beta operates just fine with no noticeable slowdowns or pauses, and has been what I've been using since I picked the game up.
But I noticed it's significantly behind the mainline version, so I switched back to that - and got the aforementioned slowdowns.
Currently running borderless fullscreen; I'll try switching which 'card' I'm using and let you know if that affects anything.
All drivers are updated to the latest; this could still very well be a hardware problem, but just in case, uh, now you know.

And knowing's half the battle!..

Wherein all shall be recorded for the benefit of future generations, assuming future generations, assuming the mad King of Siralim doesn't turn us all into a bloody pulp.

Hmrn. Well.
... I'm rather in a pickle.

Yesterday, the Sovereign Serene Principality of Nex was attacked by the forces of Siralim. Bit hard to be shocked about it, really - after the triumph of that power over the self-proclaimed God, Misery, it's all been downhill. All the little powers-what-are were so busy fighting over scraps of land and prestige that nobody noticed just how dramatically the world had just changed, probably forever.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Let's see... Where should I begin.

I'm as much to blame as anyone else, really. Spent most of my days around town, getting terribly drunk and recounting stories of valour that, ah, might have been a bit embellished.
As an honourary minister, I should've probably noticed - said something.
Done something.

Thing is, Nex wasn't even a proper kingdom, til recently, and only by dint of the Queen's cousin's uncle's nephew's brother (by morganetic marriage) having stepped headfirst into a metaphorical Carnage nest. Moron.
... Queen Nalia can't even read or write. She's illiterate. We've got an illiterate for a Queen, and we're the only real power standing between Siralim and the world.

Looking on the bright side...

Have I mentioned that Queen Nalia is a bare-knuckle brawler?

Well, might as well start from the beginning.

Our war council had convened the night before; we'd lost several towns and undefendable outskirts to the forces of Siralim.
And when we lost them, all contact with the people within was lost, too - might as well all have died.
Maybe they had; dunno.

Unfortunately, our play at war was too little, too late - it was the next day that I woke to guards running too and fro, and we were fought back into the palace's inner chamber.
I was fighting side-by-side with Ilberd, the Queen's Hand and Captain of the Royal Guard (formerly the Civic Guard. Bit of an upgrade, really).

All seemed lost, and I was prepared to die at the calcium-enriched bones of a skeletal monstrosity, when the Queen bellowed like an ox and delivered a flying uppercut of such magnificence that even the long-dead soldiers paused to watch.
Of course, being a mere human, it didn't do a lot to the monsters present, but it was very impressive.
Nature magi take their physical activity quite seriously, after all.

Then - then, a ray of hope descended upon us.

It seemed the Gods themselves were on our side..!

Hmn, well - if you're asking me what happened in the heat of it, I can't tell you for certain.
Stare too long at the earthly representatives of the Divine, a man goes mad - and I saw my life flashing before my eyes, and had no desire to die. Not yet, anyway.
But - the gleam of Old Man Friden's sabre as it swung through the air, the displacement of time and space that marked what might have been Vertraag, himself...

Even my patron was there, or so I'm told.
But, in the heat of the battle, somebody, and I'm not saying it was the Queen, but it was the Queen, lobbed a half-brick at my head, and, well, I'm going on rumour.
... More's the pity.

No time for regret, though.

We won the day, but not the war - hells, not even the battle.
Outside of an avatar of the undauntable Torun, and, er...

Troll Knife Juggler...

All of our creatures either escaped, or were slaughtered.

Yet, for some reason, our Queen remains implacable.
... Can't say this is how I wanted to die, of course, but, since someone ought to record the matter, I'll be heading with her.
May some use come of these writings, what all may come.

Here's hoping they're finished, and they don't die with me.
But then - that's a pretty common prayer these days, innit?..

General Discussion / Gods seem a bit... Meaner?
« on: July 07, 2018, 02:44:07 PM »
(Minor Siralim 3 spoilers!)

Hoy there, all.
I'm absolutely loving Siralim 3. It's pretty much the game I've wanted to see since, well, for a long time. I had my issues with the previous games, but - yeah, this game is pretty great.
One bone of contention I have - though I'm liking the plot, lore, and undertones a lot, is that the Gods seem, well...


Not just silly or capricious. It was noticeable with Meraxis at first, and you know, he's stubborn as an elephant, so, hey! Maybe dude's just been having a bad millenia.
I suppose I can understand it. But Azural and Erebyss feel like completely different characters compared to before.
It's not a dealbreaker, or anything; but I miss the lighthearted divine banter, somewhat.

Other than that, well, wow, I can't believe this is still in early access.
The level of polish is unreal. Fantastic work, just wanted to say that!..

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