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Suggestions / stat gains displayed on level up
« on: September 23, 2016, 05:08:06 PM »
As usual Zack continue with the masterful work. 
In an appstore of shoddy clones and privacy concerns, this wonderful little gem has truly been a must own game.
Now all the fawning out of the way,
It would be wonderful to add information about the stat games on a monster on level up! It would be a lot more convenient in determining a creatures viability in real time.  Kind of like the old DQM games.
Its mainly for convenience but I think it would be a very appreciated improvement.
Thanks bud and keep up the good work.

General Discussion / What does your creature team consist of?
« on: February 03, 2015, 01:17:00 PM »
Theres plenty of creatures in siralim with alot of great abilities. I'm curious, what teams do you find are the most effective?
Keep in mind I'm only level 65
I'm currently using
Servant Hunter- I really like his razor sharp ability which deals 35% damage to 2 other enemies with an instant bleed proc. I;ve had him since the beginning and I don't see Servant hunter getting swapped out any time soon.
Unicorn Vivifier- My next nether creature, that ability is really good ( 50 percent chance to resurrect an ally after an attack) Definatly going to be a staple in my party for a long time to come.
Berserker Fiend- a newer addition to the team, It is always berserk.  I like the damage output, but you need to watch out before overloading on attack because it could kill itself with berserk.   Great for starting out, but as artifacts become more crucial, it will be replaced soon.
Nether Twisted Devil-  I really messed this build up.  Serves as a lesson to take your time with a nether creature.  I thought that gaining 50% of your luck in attack would make it OP, but I was definatly wrong.  Doesn't help that I rushed building it.
Wyvern Sonicscreecher-  Its ability silences enemies after they cast a spell, super useful in higher level realms.  It is one of my main chaos attackers thanks to the next monster I have.
Dark Brim smith- One of my favorite synergy monsters,  its ability grants the attack and luck to all my creatures in the bottom row (wyvern, and twisted devil) I gave it a sword with all attack substats, its usefulness makes up for its subpar stats. 

I'd love to see some lineups of your teams.

Introduce Yourself / Hows it going everyone?
« on: January 28, 2015, 12:47:27 AM »
Well, after years of drudging through the abomination they call the mobile gaming market, I've all but given up hope of finding an addicting, deep, rpg.  ( Only other game that was worth my money was KOTOR)  Until an innocuous reddit post, I stumbled upon this game. 
To the players:  Hows it going I'm storyoftheworld and I'm looking forward to meeting yall.
To the devs
 As a big fan of dragon quest monsters when I was younger, ( I may have dumped 1,000's of hours into 1&2) I was instantly hooked. In summary thanks for making this game, its a genre that really needs to be explored.  Thanks for no microtransaction and waiting time nonsense. Keep working at it, you've made a game to be proud of.

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