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Gameplay and Balance / Feathery wyverns on fire - some quick suggestions.
« on: November 19, 2018, 04:47:32 AM »
Here's an interesting query for the lot of you, a query that I already know the answer for:

Have you EVER used a Harpy or a Wyvern in your team, ever?


Thought so.

Do you like encountering them?


Thought so - again.

Both Harpies and Wyverns appear in this rather curious spot where they are, at once, non-creatures that provide absolutely no utility or interesting effects for the player, while also being insanely frustrating to face off against in the realms - especially if you play a Wizard and still have your initial two creatures with you. Sonicscreechers are the absolute bane of auto-casted spells.

Now of course there is a place for individual creatures that can hard-counter or severly hamper the player and it is a good thing that such creatures exist. But when not just one - but two - entire tribes are nothing but 'enemy' creatures, then Chumsie becomes a sad boy who wants to make a suggestion as to how they can become far more interesting and maybe even see some play once in a blue moon:


Make Harpies the 'Blind'-matters tribe and Wyverns the 'Confused'-matters tribe.

Both are interesting conditions that currently aren't really being actively used by any creature tribe and changing Harpies and Wyverns would help not only create some interesting build-opputunities for Harpy/Wyvern focused builds; but it could also allow for synergy between the two tribes AND possibly even the grossly overlooked Mummy tribe - which is a bit of a problem area in of itself, what with half of them doing nothing but applying Curse.

Imagine a world where, say, Sonicscreechers applied Confusion to Blind enemies, Airslayers extended Confusion to spellcasting, Skystalkers provided team benefits for each Confused enemy, etc.

Imagine a world where Harpies actually could make use of their Eyegougers and Marauders and do cool stuff like, say, deal bonus damage to Blinded enemies or increase the potency of Blind.

Imagine a world where Scourge Mummy and Swarm Mummy could... do stuff. Like, say, inflict burn on enemies who get Cursed and applying Poison to cursed enemies respectively.

I like that world and I want to live there. Because I, for once, don't fancy Harpies and Wyverns being useless and half of my second-most favourite tribe (Mummies <3) being outdone by several Death spells.

PS: If there are any typing mistakes then I blame the box-thing you use to type things with. I honestly can't read it. :P

General Discussion / Returning to the game but...
« on: November 18, 2018, 12:02:01 AM »
So, I've decided to give Siralim the Third: Full Realease Mode another go and me being me and me only ever playing spellcasting teams, but wanting to try something new, I decided to go for an Imp focused Nature-magic spamming party.

The problem, however, being that I can't seem to locate the Imp Shaman or its breeding recipe anywhere. Which is quite the problem when you're planning on making an Imp-party, seeing how he's THE main thing selling the tribe.

So, umm, could anybody help me out and spoil the recipe, seeing how the wiki dosen't have it? :P

[Archived] Siralim 3 - Development Discussion / Arena.
« on: February 06, 2018, 08:33:35 AM »
I'd just like to quickly propose that the arena is given a "free run"-mode, where you don't get any rewards but still get to engage in loltastic drafts. Oh, and more (optional?) rounds. I love the arena and it's ever so depressing to get a ticket, have a five second blast and then need to grind a new ticket.

[Archived] Siralim 3 - Development Discussion / Creature Classes.
« on: December 29, 2017, 11:08:06 AM »
I can't be the only one who finds certain creatures and their class to be a bit... curious. Like, say, Sins, who are obviously demonic creatures, being Death rather than Chaos or Basilisks and Salamanders, both of whom are creatures associated with alchemy and the arcane, being Chaos rather than Sorcery.

Now, obviously there are creatures that make more sense for their given class than what one might immidiately think, like Efreet being Sorcery creatures that utilize Fire magic because, well, they use *magic* and fit into the eastern/middle eastern theme of Sorcery. But, really, there are quite a few headscratchers out there that make it difficult for people to formulate anything resembling a headcanon.

I'm curious as to what "what?"-creatures you have on your particular list of entities that might benefit from a relocation.

Off the top of my head:

- Sins being Death, rather than Chaos. (Demons are Chaos' thing)

- Basilisks being Chaos, rather than Sorcery. (Alchemy is Sorcery's thing)

- Harpies being Chaos, rather than Nature. (Wind and living creatures is Nature's thing - no matter what the bird-god says)

- Salamanders being Chaos, rather than Sorcery. (Alchemy, again)

- Griffons being Life, rather than Nature. (Animals = Nature - although not a major headscratcher, it's still there)

- Stags being Life, rather than Nature. (It's an animal and seemingly a fey-creature)

- Unicorns being Life, rather than Nature. (This one has confused people since Siralim the First)

- Bards being Sorcery, rather than Life (They are named like a Life creature and they even look the part)

- Yetis being Sorcery, rather than Nature. (Ice is very much a nature thing, even if Azural is doing his best to brute-force it into Sorcery, and they just don't look or feel like anything Sorcery'y)

On another note, but related note, I'd personally not be oppossed to seeing the Death Bat get some more colleagues in the realm of cross-class creatures. I think it adds a lot of flavor to have 1-2 creatures in a family that "betray" the family-class and I believe it would be of great benefit to build diversity.

Off Topic / While we wait for The Negative:
« on: July 10, 2017, 12:19:15 PM »
I thought it'd be a good idea to share Siralim'esque games here while we wait for Zack (ALL HAIL!) to unleash the full power of awesome upon the planet. Helps promote titles in an otherwise obscure genre and it gives us something to do while we wait for The Negative.

Card City Nights 1 and 2: While its not out yet, and the beta is closed, I still do very much believe that CCN2 will be an absolute blast. For those not familiar with the prequel; CCN was a collectible card game with a 100% focus on singleplayer and does the unthinkable for a modern TCG/CCG by not having in-app purchases. You pay for the game and you get all of the content. CCN2 promises, and looks like it will be, a straight up improvement on CCN1. With an updated ruleset, multiplayer and a ton of content.

Demon: Imagine Siralim if it was less Dragon Warrior Monsters and more classical roguelike, because that is what Demon is. You collect demons, construct a team of 3 demons plus your player character, duke it out with other demons roguelike-style, share abilities and recruit minions through a variety of methods including; talking to your future pawns, stalking them and murdering their friends. The game is still very young, and should be considered a beta game, but its already chuck-full of features and depth. Its also free, by the way.

Gameplay and Balance / Simple, silly and kinda stupid teams.
« on: December 28, 2016, 07:43:11 AM »
The idea is simple: Post dumb, preferably budget-friendly, teams that you've found throughout the game and let us all marvel at them. They don't have to be particularly good or creative. You just need to give an explanation as to why you think the team is silly and/or stupid and leave it at that.

For simplicities sake I'll start out with one of the most simple teams in the game, that can easily go infinite if need be - Salamanders.

Fire Salamander: When your creatures die, they cast one of their spells at random. (currently bugged and dosen't do anything)
Artifact trait: Whatever.
Immunity: Silence.
Stats: Ressources and Int.
Spell gems: Reincarnation, Requim and Blur (boosts Wind Salamanders damage output).

Earth Salamander: When your creatures are resurrected, they cast a one of their spells at random.
Artifact trait: Whatever.
Immunity: Silence.
Stats: Ressources and Int.
Spell gems: Reincarnation, Requim and Blur.

Ice Salamander: When your creatures would take damage that exceeds 25% of their maximum health, they cast one of their spells at random. Even if they die.
Artifact trait: Whatever.
Immunity: Silence.
Stats: Ressources and Int.
Spell gems: Reincarnation, Requim and Soothing Breeze (Infinite mana).

Thunder Salamander: When your creatures cast a spell, they have a 50% chance to cast another one of their spells for free. Triggers on triggered spells too.
Artifact trait: Whatever.
Immunity: Silence.
Stats: Ressources and Int.
Spell gems: Reincarnation, Requim and Purgatory (who needs Royal Phoenix anyway?).

Water Salamander: When your creatures defend or provoke, they cast one of their spells at random.
Artifact trait: Whatever.
Immunity: Silence.
Stats: Ressources and Int.
Spell gems: Reincarnation, Requim and Guardian Force (because 18 free spells are better than 3).

Wind Salamander: When one of your creatures cast a spell with a Salamander trait (dosen't have to be a Salamander creature), they cast one of their spells at random.
Artifact trait: Volatile Phoenix - When your creatures are resurrected, this creature deals damage to all enemies equal to 35% of its speed.
Stats: Ressources and Int.
Spell gems: Reincarnation, Requim and Blur.


Why its simple: Its a race team which dosen't even have to be their own race.

Why its silly: When one of your guys die you get a spell, when they're resurrected you get a spell, when you get a spell you get 1.5 spells and Reincarnation lets you get potentially infinite spells. Plus, you get to take 1-hour turns and yet somehow manage to win before pushing a button.

Why its stupid: Salamanders are ridonkulously powerful. This team can easily go infinite and one of the slots (Water Salamander) dosen't even do anything. Throw in Royal Phoenix, Mite Gravedigger, Nadin Rift Dancer, Volatile Phoenix and Gravebane Wight and things get even more stupid. You can even beat teams that feature Corrupted Phoenix and the two hard-counter elves - at the same time! Also, Salamanders are a horrible match for Chaos, which adds to the stupid-fun.

I do like Salamanders, though.

Adventure Logs / What is YOUR kingdom like?
« on: December 28, 2016, 06:25:01 AM »
As many of you may know, I'm the kind of ruler whom Misery was right about. An evil, megalomaniacal and powerhungry wizard who's only concern in this world is to obtain as much power and knowledge as possible and find a way to keep it forever. Mine is a kingdom ruled with an iron fist. Watchdog Golems patrolling the streets, citizens without magical powers being treated as little more than slaves and many a horrible experiment being conducted within my castle walls. I'm the god emperor and not knowing every single verse of the Chumnomicon is a criminal offense punishable by death.

Because somebody has to be the bad guy.

And being the bad guy is fun.

But I'm curious as to how you immagine your own version of Siralim, as a kingdom. How does your character rule? Are you a kind and generous ruler, a tyrant (like myself), a fanatical theocrat, a merciless warlord, an incompetent nincompoop who's way out of their league or something entirely else?

Gameplay and Balance / TotG Balance Feedback.
« on: December 19, 2016, 11:05:48 AM »
TL;DR powers - engage!

Fire and Earth Salamander: Comebine these two guys with a team of creatures who only wear the Reincarnation spell and you've got a Death/Resurrection loop + immunity to single-target attacks.

Thunder Salamander: He's objectively better than Imp Sacrificer and is honestly one of the more obvious examples of power-creep in the game as of now. The trigger chance for bonus spell-casts is not onlt 25% higher, it also counts all spell-schools rather than just Nature.

Nix Informer: Hammer Lord, Drifting Shade, Whispering Shade, Thunder Storm and Storm Lord (etc) just got a new friend. Just mentioning him as I, personally, still do not approve of creatures that encourage the current 1-2-punch meta.

All of the Bards: Raven Lord Version 2.0

The Elves: I personally really do not like creatures like these. They don't exist to be used by the player and only serve to be an artificial road-block the same way that a certain Paragon-Who-Needs-To-Die-In-A-Fire does. Losing a fight can be fun, having your back against the way is fun, having a random chance to be forced to /forfeit is not.

Plague Herbalist: Masochist Witch looks worse and worse by the day.

Plague Scholar: I strongly suggest giving this guy a reduction cap as he currently lets you start any battle with 3+ turns of complete immunity to everything, if combined with Tortured Leper.


Gonfurian's Avatar Trait: Mind Blast, Purgatory, Shield Slam, Humility, Equality, Petrify, Frost Hammer, Invisibility, Timewalk - the list goes on. I dare say that this might just be the single most powerful trait in the game and that it is beyound abusable.

Zonte's Avatar Trait: I guess it has something which resembles use (very, very niche use) when soloing or when combined with Imp Shaman... if Imp Shaman is willing to tolerate Zontificated spells, that is?


The wiki currently claims that four of the TotG creatures are Nature class (Bard, Centaur, Elf and Plague Doctor) and that there are no new Sorcery creature and Umaro seems to have confirmed that the same is indeed the case in-game. I find this curious, as TotG was meant to boost the roster by 2 creatures per class and I find it especially curious because Bassilisks(!), Salamanders(!), Bards, Elves, Nix' and Plague Doctor all fit the bill for Sorcery.


My TL;DR powers have failed me! ._.

Support / Beastiary issue - possible class mix-up.
« on: December 17, 2016, 05:41:46 PM »
So, I've noticed that the wiki claims that 4/10 of the new creatures added in Trial belong to the primitive Nature class and that the Sorcerous master race has recieved none. Umaro appears to have noticed that the same is indeed the case in-game too (couldn't check it myself due to having restarted... again). I assume this is an oversight, as we were promised 2 new creatures for each class.

Suggestions / Arena mode - Let's Roguelike it up!
« on: July 16, 2016, 12:51:05 PM »
I love and adore the Arena. The drafting is fun, the combat is interesting and it gives all creatures the potential to shine. However, I'm not particularly fond of the runs only lasting for 5 fights. So I've been doing some thinking and I immagine that the following would make excelent DLC, or at the very least I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

A gamemode focused entirely around arena styled battles, but with a few twists:

During the beginning of the game you draft 6 random creatures, obviously. Hereafter you traverse the realms as you normally would and fight random parties acording to ordinary arena rules. Meaning that health lost stays lost until either healed by an effect, an item (more on that later) or by completing the realm. At the end of a realm you are returned given the choice of redrafting a creature and hereafter returned to a little hub, which mostly just exists so you don't have to quit the game in-realm.

Each realm would also feature a number of creature families who have a high chance of showing up, so that the player has a chance to draft suitable counters. And so that the player can, should they find one, use an item in order to pick a different realm instead. In case they are massively disadvantadged in that particular realm.

Obviously ressources wouldn't serve a purpose in a gamemode like this. So instead you'll pick up points, used to achieve a higher score, and occassionally you'll find items with minor effects. Heal a creature for 15% health, cast an Alteration spell, bonus points for the rest of the realm, this creature starts with buff X for the rest of the realm, reroll a creatures artifact, etc.

The point of the mode is to accumulate as many points as possible and get on the high-scores list. Should the need for more persistent rewards be needed it could be used to unlock character skins for your other files as well, or maybe even bigger rewards like creatures, runes or spells.

Oh, and once you die you die for reals. Entirely new team drafted, score reset and all that. Also, perks would most likely be disabled. This is about creature composition, luck and strategy. Not persistent upgrades.

It's a long-term suggestion, but I wanted to make it never the less. Because it seems like so much fun to me.

EDIT: Also, I'd love to be able to buy Arena Invitations in the shops and longer arena modes, aswell as a practice mode, would be swell.

Suggestions / Burning Mummies at the Library.
« on: July 12, 2016, 07:33:12 AM »
I'm currently playing with a very Burn-heavy team, featuring Pyro Grimoire at the star-player. A team which is quite a lot of fun, looks aestheticly pleasing and which I intend to roll untill I complete the Grimoire collection. But while researching my team I found out, much to my dismay, that not only is Burn severly undersupported without the Grimoire, but some of the Grimoire's themselves are rather lackluster. Likewise it dawned on me that the Mummy family is rather anti-synergistic and includes opputunities for quite a few fun builds, if a few changes are made.

This thread is me posting a few suggestions for trait/spell changes and my reasons for why I think they (or something similar) should be added to the game.

Hence the title. Mummies, Burn and Grimoires galore.

Starting out with the Mummies. The family is cool but includes three problem children. Gimp Mummy has to actually connect in order to have any impact, but it has atrocious Speed and the benefit of actually hitting is rather... "meh". Scourge Mummy does a rather poor job at punishing spellcasters and the punishment is, yet again, rather "meh". And finally Mummy Lord is all over the place in terms of stats, as he needs high Defense, decent Speed AND Attack in order to really do anything. Yes, his is a combo-trait meant to be put onto artifacts, but the creature itself suffers severely for it.

Add to this that Mummies, and the Curse teams they try to encourage, can't really... do anything, once your Curse is in place. Which makes the playstyle rather passive and bland.

My suggestions would be something along the lines of:

Gimp Mummy 1 - When this creature attacks or is attacked by a creature, that creature becomes Cursed for 3 turns. If that creature is already Cursed, it is damaged by the Curse (for half?).


Gimp Mummy 2 - When this creature attacks or is attacked by a creature, the creature becomes Cursed for 3 turns. If that creature is already Cursed, the entire enemy team becomes Cursed for 3 turns.

The former Mummy would allow players to use Curse as an offensive means of doing damage, the latter would help apply curse without the use of Damnation/Jinx and without forcing players to invest into Speed.

Scourge Mummy - Whenever Curse or Burn is applied to a creature, this Creature applies whichever of the two weren't applied to that creature.

A simple mimic of Flamehook Pilwiz which opens up for a lot of possibilities. Curse/Mummy teams get a lot more milage out of the "Curse deals Int-damage" Rune, meaning they get an additional means of killing things. Burn teams get access to Nightmare/Doom Mummy synergy. Efreets become less reliant on having a Pyro Grimoire + Elder Grimoire combo going on and suddenly don't "have" to be either Warlocks or Wizards or include a lot of Chaos creatures.

Mummy Lord 1 - Whenever this creature defends, a random enemy attacks it three times. Each of these attacks deal 40% damage.

Mummy Lord 2 - Whenever this creature defends, ALL Cursed creatures are damaged by their Curse (for half?).

The first one let's Mummy Lord do what he wants to do without having to invest into Speed. Sure, he still has to invest into either Attack/Defense or Intelligence/Defense, but at the very least he's only got two stats to worry about now. The latter allows players to go for the kill, using the Curse debuff.

And while I'm at it, I'd like to propose a couple of changes to Forbidden Grimoire. Who currently holds the title of "least used Grimoire", which is a damn shame as it looks awesome and it was the first one revealed to the public. Forbidden Grimoire is obviously intended as support for Curse teams (Spell Lock forces the enemy to attack, Savage Roar makes Curse hit harder and Jinx applies it). The problem being that, unlike the other Grimoires, his spells are only marginally better than standard spells and he synergises incredibly poorly with the other Grimoires. Heck, Spell Lock is a worse Magic Suppression!

- Jinx: All enemy creatures become Cursed for 3 turns. If those creatures are already Cursed they take (half?) Curse damage.

- Savage Roar: Your creatures gain a large amount of Attack, but lose a moderate(!) amount of Defense.

- Spell Lock 1: Remove all buffs and debuffs from the enemy team. They take damage dependent on the number of buffs and debuffs removed.

- Spell Lock 2: Silence the enemy team and remove their buffs.

- Spell Lock 3: Timewalking which affects all creatures.

The change to Jinx would make it a much more interesting alternative to Damnation. Savage Roar is bad in its current form because you're sacrificing Defense (best stat in the game) for Attack (which is on more on less equal terms with Intelligence as the worst stat) on a 1-1 basis. And Spell Lock is bad because it's just bad, but changing Spell Lock to do something unique like removing enemy buffs or causing a global Timewalk would make it so much more interesting and the creature far more playable.

Heck, I'd play Forbidden Grimoire in a heartbeat, if it had an enemy-only and an allies-only version of Mass Dispell.

And finally the Efreet tribe, and Burn in general, has some rather anti-synergistic options. Obsidian Efreet want burns to expire, but Pyro Grimoire and Ashbone Efreet both work against this goal. Most Burn related creatures aren't Chaos, but only Chaos includes spells that apply it. And Ashbone Efreet is just overall rather poor because you really don't want to bet on your burns lasting that long.

- Ashbone Efreet 1: Whenever a Burn debuff deals damage, it has a 50% chance to trigger again. This effect can only activate once per turn and does not stack.

- Ashbone Efreet 2: Whenever one of your Efreets cast a single target spell on an enemy, they have a 30% chance to cast Fireball at that target aswell. This trait does not stack.

- Ashbone Efreet 3: Whenever a creature takes damage from Burn, it loses 25% Attack and Intelligence. This trait does not stack.

Ashbone 1 allows for Synergy with Frostfire Efreet and increases the deadlyness of Burn in general. Ashbone 2 helps apply Burn, promotes Intelligence and gives you a reason to run a lot of Efreets. And Ashbone 3 makes it easier for Burn teams, which are very Intelligence heavy, to stall the game.

And finally I'd like to suggest moving Fireball and Flamestrike to Sorcery and possibly moving, say, Spell Strike and Spell Breath, or Mind Control/Tricks, to Chaos. Sorcery has a much, much better reason to include Fire spells, than Chaos has. What with Sorcery including all manner of fire-based creatures (Djinn, Efreet, Phoenix, Dragon etc), the trope of a Wizard includes hurling fire at people and Burn being an Intelligence-based debuff and the Efreet tribe really needing some magic-support other than Timewalking. Fireball and Flamestrike both seem like decent traveling-candidates, as they're both rather "standard-tropy" spells.

Also, I'd love to see spells that interact with various debuffs. Like say, a spell which causes Burns to deal one tick of damage and then expire, for Obsidian Efreet support and as a means of dispelling Burn. Or a spell which drains Mana from a creature with Silence.

That was... quite a bit of writing. But I'm done now! Huzzah! Time to go... pay my bills? Gah!

Gameplay and Balance / Let's talk spellcasting.
« on: July 10, 2016, 07:12:06 PM »
There has been quite a bit of talking going on in regards to certain aspects of spellcasting in general; namely creature stating, a number of traits and stat-boosts. I believe it is a good thing to have a little discussion thread aimed specifically at sharing thoughts, ideals and overall grumpiness (should it exist) about that most wonderful of things - magic.

I'll start out by summerizing my own thoughts.


Swiftcasting is a wonderful idea for a trait, it really is. But it has managed to earn quite a bit of ire and disdain from the more regular members of the Siralim community. The reason? Because it's much, much too prevelant. Not overpowered, mind you. Just too efficient and all too tempting to use for practically everything. For what is meant as an alternative playstyle with its own set of pros and cons, there's not really any cons to be found everywhere - at all. This is seemingly due to a number of factors.

A - Speed is better than Intelligence and Swiftcasting-Speed is flat out the best stat in the game.
B - Sorcery is the worst spell school (for spellcasting) in the game, without it.
C - Most spellcasting focused creatures feature either Speed equal to, or higher than, their Intelligence. Which makes Swiftcasting a no-brainer. This even includes families that really don't look fast at all. Familiars and Grimoires being the main victims of this disease, that I've dubbed "Swiftcastingitis".
D - Swiftcasting has access to soooooooo much more support than Intelligence. The Necronomicon, Dark Passenger and Horde traits, the Dark Whispers spell and Swiftcasting-Blur just being the very tip of the iceberg.

Personally I'd like to see Swiftcasting either recieve a bit of a nerf or some of the, rather ridiculous, support that it has access to get a change. So that they'll count "potency", rather than Intelligence. Likewise I'd be ever so happy, if a few families could get restatted. Yet again, Familiars and Grimoires just don't look fast and as the two "main" spellcasting families, they really should have higher Intelligence than Speed.

Another idea would be to have a look at the Occultist line. Of which a lot of creatures are currently in the "meh..." pool. They seem to be surpossed to act as Sorcery's version of the Gargoyle/Ophan/Lich/Imp families, but don't feature anywhere near the same quality of traits. Delusion, Zealot and Raptor being obvious exceptions to the rule.


Stat Boosts:

This is a fairly big one. Stat boosts are, in of themselves, not overpowered. But the incremental nature of Intelligence, Defense (Nexus Amaranth) and Speed (Raven Batmaster) boosts really, really, really quickly gets out of hand. Special mention goes to Palace Familiar. Who, due to its non-stacking nature, lets you do some obscene things.

The two main solutions, that people have discussed, to the issue of stat boosts seem to be, either introducing severe diminishing returns for them (my favorite) or restricting the number of times that they can affect your creatures in any given fight.


Haste spells:

I'd personally like to see Haste effects get a bit of a nerf. Preferably by having creatures who cast and/or get targeted by them become immune to Haste effects untill their next turn. Why? Because it's possible to have infinite turns with it, as it is now. Minor thing, but worthy of mention.


Spell Mastery:

I looooooooooooove this perk. Although I personally consider it to be just a bit too powerful and I wouldn't be adverse to it only giving you access to allied spell schools (Sorcery getting Life and Death, for instance). But the real thing I quickly wanted to mention here is just how silly powerful it is with health-cost spells and on-hit/when-hit effects. I strongly suggest lowering the chances for cross-classed on-hit/when-hit effects by half and increasing cross-classed health-costs by 50%.



Nothing major here. Just wanted to say how cool I think it is. Sure, it's not really that good. But it does everything that I personally want from a class perk; something cool, different and special. Mad props!


That was about it, for now.

EDIT: Forgot something. I'd personally like for the Fraycasting perk to be changed. As currently it's just rather poor. Immagine if it caused a portion of your intelligence to be used, rather than defense, for reducing incomming spell damage. Just sayin'.

Suggestions / Make Leper-debuffs yellow.
« on: July 08, 2016, 08:44:43 AM »
It's really as simple as that. I've several times by now, found myself in a situation where I can't tell which ones of my debuffs are "good" and which ones aren't. Recolouring "dormant" debuffs yellow would do a lot to help make Leper/Masochist teams a lot more player-friendly.

That is all.

Support / Couple bugs.
« on: July 08, 2016, 01:17:51 AM »
- Leper Blightbringer causes your team to get a random debuff at the start of combat. The enemy team does get the two advertised debuffs, though. Also, Blightbringer and Tortured Leper are buff stackable with themselves. Which seems a bit too easy to abuse to me, especially Blightbringer + Plaguespreader.

- Macabre Masochist's "Boon to Bane" still affects friendly buffs. Personally I rather like her doing so, although it'd be way better if her buffs were ignoreable.

- Masochist Witch is quite possibly one of the worst creatures in the game. Just throwing it out there, as I've got a bit of a Leper/Masochist theme going on. Might be an idea to make her own debuffs ignoreable?

- Lurid Masochist is mostly just a worse anti-magic creature. I strongly suggest either increasing the chances of her triggering dramaticly, or just have her make your guys immune to "debuff abusers".

- Djinn Dreamwaker dosen't seem to recognize his own mana-pool, should it be above his base stats, and the animations for his spells are all over the place.

EDIT: Also, "Sacrifice at Blank" seems to occassionally allow the AI to use cross-class spells and Favoured Masochist would synergize a lot better with her tribe, if she increased outgoing, and reduced incomming, damage by 10% per friendly debuff. They're so squishy.

Siralim the First had one. So Siralim the Second needs one as well. The idea is simple: Just post your ideas for creatures, that you think would be cool to have in the game. It's really as simple of that. Although, the more specific you are, the better.

To illustrate I'll start.

Name: Tattergeist.

Visuals: A bunch of levitating cloth in the colours that match their ability. Looks distictly not-alive. As it's animated cloth and animated cloth dosen't smile at you.
Class: Sorcery. Because enchanted objects and Sorcery go hand-in-hand.
Mechanic: Changes the targets creature class by attacking them.
Stats: High Speed and Mana. Pretty low stats otherwise. Because cloth.
Aquisition: Can be bought from the Tailor in exchange for scraps.
Flavor: They attack you and leave some of their magical fabric on you as a result hereof.

Example creatures:

Woolen Tattergeist: After (meaning the initial attack won't benefit from Lances and Devil powers) this creature attacks, change the targets class to Nature for the rest of the battle.
Visuals: Green, brown and white cloth. Looks rather hobo'esque. Possibly has some leaves floating in the art too.

Silken Tattergeist: Your creatures are immune to class changing effects. (The 6th member and "lord" of the family).
Visuals: Purple and gold. Pristine condition and very high quality.

Reason I'd like to see this creature in the game: There's a lot of effects currently in the game, that benefit from facing off against certain classes. Namely Devils, Lance and Class-Shield artifacts and the Scourge line of spells. But these effects rely a lot on luck, as what you face is ultimately random. This family would help retify that while also giving you something to do with your Cloth Scaps, once you've completed your wardrope.


So, got any ideas yourselves?

EDIT: This thread, being a beta-thread, will be replaced by another once the beta ends. Don't worry though, it won't get deleted.

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