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-Music: Head and shoulders above previous games
-Artifact system: so much better in every way, and more content coming on this too
-Story Mode: vastly superior than either previous game in terms of content and writing
-Death Mage: clearly a fan favorite, Saia mechanics are unique and interesting, summons are a thing too
-Nature Mage: Take the most powerful mage from S2 and give him even more power? ok...
-Spell Gems: Much more interesting properties, class swap add a lot of depth
-itherian realms: Cool and interesting, sigils provide real challenges
-Nether Creature System - more streamlined and flexible
-Altar of Blood: Punishments gone! Use this with Gore Knife to get whatever mat you need. great concept.
-Tavern Brawls: Not even in the game yet but the concept is still a winner and something many look forward to


-Sounds: Same sounds from early games. Tinny, chimey bells for every spell and effect. Monster sound effects are weird and dont sound like how you would imagine. All treble no bass...
-Breeding System: Most folks are put off by the level caps, the micro management required to keep your creatures advancing and just dont like killing their favorite creatures in general
-Resource use balance: The early game may as well be renamed "Endless Quest for Crystal", though some recent patches have improved this a bit
-Autocasting: Want to make a team that crashes the game with infinite autocasts like we did in S2? Yeah, that's still here. Can make a full auto cast team by realm 15 easily.
-Heart of Darkness: At least you can turn it off now... This was ill conceived at best.
-Weighted / gated item drops: Why the hell do I need 6 agility aura artifacts? Well here 8 more for you anyways just in case, and a ton of Cannon Shot and Live to Labor for ya as well.
-Recipes: All the breeding recipes you will find are for creatures you ALREADY HAVE! Yeah cuz thats what I want to do, discover things I have already discovered...
-Life Mage: Life who? Oh yeah hes a class we can choose form too. If we want no power early on, and no creatures to support the perks because the items are gated that is...
-Singular Creatures: We dont care about pallete swaps very much, you would be better off with alternate music for battles / realms in place of critter skins. I would personally pay real money for alternate music options or the ability to choose what song played where (Regalis theme everywhere)
-Arena: Still in early access but its currently as stale as it was in S2. It has potential to be something cool and interesting but currently it's a dud

What do you guys think of my list? What did I miss or get wrong?

Gameplay and Balance / WAY too much Autocasting still...
« on: May 31, 2018, 04:33:35 PM »
Once you get a few traits or gems its S2 all over again.

Wallflower + Fan Dance traits. Critter with guardian force gem defend: 10 free casts. Now insert your most broken spells like glory, mana drain, all the debuffs, and hell throw a bunch of damage at em while youre at it.

All of that brokeness fits on 1 creature with 1 artifact. You still have 5 other slots to make this setup even more broken... its rediculous and that happens with the starter creatures / cores.

SOLUTION: Auto casts cost the full mana value OR auto cast cap of 1-2 per turn.

or better yet delete the offending traits and spells. Glory never should have made it out of S2.

It's been over 30 realm levels since I found a new extractable critter. I check every monster, every battle, every realm.

What ever creature I missed during the time when pacman mode was locked in active mode now has such a tiny chance of spawning that I am basically stuck in whatever tier im in forever.

Support / Found a bug that ignores the +/- Stat cap
« on: May 30, 2018, 03:44:40 PM »
The game only checks to see if an enemy has enough stats to allow a stat change at the beginning of a spell / attack. But if you trigger a SERIES of attacks (wild stabs is what im using) or spells that all reduce stats, the follow up stat changes all hit and reduce whatever stat it is to 1, thus ignoring the stupid cap.

I dont like the cap, but this is clearly a bug you arent intending.

Support / +/- Stat calculation error
« on: May 30, 2018, 12:20:21 AM »
Found a calculation bug
If I have an effect that reduces Defense by 80% (the cap) but a critter has a trait like "Parry" which gives it bonus defense
I get the "stat already too low" warning even though it has 125% of its default stat

Support / Buy a charm makes your crystal negative
« on: May 28, 2018, 07:44:21 AM »
I bought a charm from the divine candle and after it subtracted 2500 crystal, it turned the value negative. See screenshot. Doesn't happen every time. The core i used was skeletal triggerman.

Suggestions / Some cosmetic issues / sounds
« on: May 27, 2018, 07:44:41 AM »
-Combat font, especially for the numbers, is pretty ugly. There are so many cool looking fonts out there, this one is generic looking at best.

-The non combat font looks slightly improved over S2, but still seems pretty generic. Fonts can give games a lot of character, especially RPGs. Why is ours so generic / courier / ariel??

-I dislike the ellipses after every non critical hit. Single digit damage numbers end up looking like a countdown  "3... 2... 1..." Keep the exclamation after the criticals though.

-The location of the combat numbers and their color often causes issues as well. I purpose a more intuitive color scheme for damage types. Normal = white, Crits = yellow, 0 damage and dodges can be gray. Overall there is too much text polluting the number pop ups and it causes confusion during turbo mode.

-Music in S3 is 1mil times better than S2 BUT the sound effects are basically the same. A ton of your spell effects have tinny, chimey type of noises that are all pretty similar. Siralim being what it is, sometimes we cast tons of spells or effects in a row while we Turbo Mode through combat. The end result is a game with fantastic music being drowned out by a bunch of chime sound effects on auto repeat. I ended up just turning off the sound effects, but I greatly miss the menu sounds. We can do better here.

-will add more to this tread

So there I was, loving S3, grinding away at the story with my new team of critters and loving every minute of it. Then it all came crashing down when my main crew hit level 50. Main crew can't beat lvl 33 boss? Ok no prob I will make a new crew...Just kidding you can't. Your main crew is capped and you can't make a new crew because all the monsters you want to extract more cores from on the lower levels run away from you now and when you catch them you just get the exp and resources.


You already said gene strength was bad for S2, but now you add "heredity" which to my layman eyes is the exact same thing as gene strength. Compounded with the new level caps and prevention of farming lower realms, the system becomes WAY TOO RESTRICTIVE!!!

What exactly am I supposed to do if my capped critters cannot advance the story and I cannot get new critters because my Mage lvl is 46 and the creatures just run from me and prevent extracting cores??

General Discussion / The wait is over!
« on: May 25, 2018, 01:28:01 PM »
Bought game + soundtrack. Looking forward to dumping hundreds of hours into this!!!

Thanks for making this game.

Suggestions / Keywords and damage types
« on: May 22, 2018, 09:35:04 AM »
One area I thought S2 could have done better was using keywords for abilities and damage types. Take the starting Chaos creature Ottum for example. His trait says that after he "Attacks" he will then "attack" another creature at random twice for 50% damage. The game gives no indication on whether these follow up attacks will apply on-hit effects, will  be mitigated by defense or anything else about them.

Midnight Feast / War Golem for example WOULD trigger on hit effects but Wild Stabs would not. We need keywords to distinguish what damage and attack types are happening.

ex. Ottum: When ever this creature performs a <keyword>Basic Attack</keyword> it attacks another creature at random 2 times for 50% damage.

In S2 extracting cores is locked behind breeding by default. New Game Plus allows us to unlock extracting, BUT it takes it too far, allowing us to extract everything in the game from the start.

I would like to see a revamp / modernized version the S1 system put back into place with it's "tiers" system. Have breeding be a part of it, but please for the love of God do not completely lock extracting behind breeding like you did at the launch for S2.

Let me preface this by saying I enjoyed both S1 and S2, and I currently plan to purchase all future games from this studio.

That said, I felt like S2 missed the mark and in a lot of important ways was a downgrade to S1. The breeding system never felt balanced. The traits and Nether creatures never felt balanced. The spell gem and quest system were the biggest improvements. The gods and progression was decent. At the end of the day though, I ended up putting a lot more hours into S1 trying to finally assemble that perfect comp that would go forever. In S2 I never felt that pull, that draw to try and min / max the system.

In S3 I want that pull back, and I don't care how you do it.  Make a game that makes me want to put in hundreds of hours chasing after perfection.

Also I felt the battle music in S1 was superior. The boss battle music too. I'd like to see a remix of S1's awesome tunes in S3.

Suggestions / Make the game harder to break than Siralim 1
« on: August 04, 2016, 04:00:25 PM »
There are a lot of ways that Siralim 1 is currently superior to S2.

THe best addition to S2 is the creature breeding, but only because it effectively throttles what traits you can have access to at early-mid game levels. The rest of the breeding system is currently pretty bunk. Oh it works, but its not worth you time because the game is easy enough to break without ever needing to "breed superior critters".

You break S2 the same way you broke abusing the scaling traits. I warned the creator about this in the S1 forum but there it was said that S2 will address the issue.

Instead of addressing it, things are far worse. Spells and spell gem system is amazingly fun but broken beyond repair. You need to limit spell gems to like 1 per critter maybe extending it with traits or something. I think it would be a much better idea to make the spell gems long term goals like artifact realms and the deeper you go you unlock more and better properties. BUT you have severe limits on number of spell gems allowed per critter.

Anyways the point is, S2 is very easy to break and make infinite teams. No need to elaborate on the specifics here if you want examples send me a private message. S1 had way better pacing and the "tutorial" was way more fun and useful than the main campaign of S2 imo. You should use the original tutorial and expand on it with bosses and such.

Suggestions / Too many +/-stat effects slow down or crash the game
« on: June 22, 2016, 06:45:11 PM »
Please add an option to group all of the +/- stat effects per turn into a single sum total pop up message in battle.

I have a team that causes a lot of +/- stat effects per turn and it sometime takes forever to get through battles. I mean that literally. Occasionally I fight a enemy composition (unsure of exactly what traits are in place) that causes enemies to repeatedly resurrect and I have had the game go into endless loops of creatures dying and resurrecting until the game freezes and I get a "memory full" error.

Suggestions / Some no brainer suggestions
« on: September 05, 2015, 09:18:03 AM »
1. Allow us to rename artifacts!
2. Allow us to create "squads" at the stables so its easy to swap out teams
3. Have an auto repeat feature that will repeat your creatures last manually inputted action for the rest of the battle
4. Allow us to organize our inventories in ways other than alphabetical
5. Exalted Emblems completely obsolete Pandemonium Stones, adjust the cost of P. stones to be 2 emblems
6. Make spells and spell casting more meaningful.
7. Charge more money for this game so you can have money to make improvements. $5 is seriously undervaluing your product.

PS- These are minor improvements you can make to an already AMAZING game.

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