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Support / [Android 1.3.10] Mass Summon Freeze
« on: January 08, 2019, 11:10:21 AM »
When Mass summoning creatures, the game gets hung up on the bright white screen showing the summoned creature. It doesn't seem frozen, just won't progress.

General Discussion / Re: Extract Tied to Knowledge?
« on: December 01, 2018, 01:25:02 PM »
Yeah, update fixed it. I thought I was up to date but opened the game before the install was complete.

General Discussion / Extract Tied to Knowledge?
« on: December 01, 2018, 12:50:38 PM »
I've not played for about a month or so, so I'm not sure if this was included in a recent patch, if I'm forgetting something simple, or if it's a bug.

I can no longer extract from any enemy (even on mages I made sitting immediately after the tutorial which says "at this level you should be able to extract any enemy.") because I "do not have enough knowledge about it yet." This causes me to get stuck on realm 1 because the quest is to extract.

How can new players build their army? Is there something simple I forgot to do, or should I post this as a bug?

Edit: I'm on Android 1.2.8
Annnd realized I didn't put this in Siralim 3 board.

Support / Macro Logic
« on: December 01, 2018, 12:33:26 PM »
Please address the macro issues causing 6-line requirements for 1-line functions. Specifically, I've noticed it on "any enemy," so it would presumably affect all "any" conditions.

A simplified example:
[If any enemy < knowledge S, extract it]
[If any enemy lowest health, attack it]

The first part rarely works (even before whatever changed recently which won't let me extract any creature), and the attack part works some of the time, but won't match any conditions other times (often, and not due to buffs or debuffs). I'd imagine the last part would attack the enemy with the lowest health 100% of the time excluding invisibility, scorn, etc. but it seems to choose one enemy to evaluate, then stop functioning if that single enemy doesn't meet conditions or is dead.

I have a video I can upload, but unless it's requested I'll skip that since according to many other posts, this is well known and people simply use workarounds including 6 lines.

Even with import export, this is a massive headache, because I'm not confident my singular extract macro would work without extra lines, and I often use different actions depending on what creature I'm macroing, meaning I'm using many macros and editing them often.

Please fix it!

I really enjoyed both of the first games, but my enjoyment is primarily solo. This seems like a really cool feature, but I really hope the "exclusive" spells aren't strong enough to compete with others for typical PvE gameplay. I might sound like a buzzkill, but daily events are tedious to me and PvP isn't my thing.

Support / Dead Summons Gain Infinite Traits with Undivided
« on: February 12, 2018, 11:37:26 PM »
Android phone ( Note 8 ), game version 2.4.0

Abomination Brute with Undivided (shares Artifact trait with summons)
Artifact trait: Last Stand (attacks 5x before death), though I suspect this bug might happen with any Artifact trait.

I run a Death Mage with deity perk which summons at the beginning of battle. I then sacrifice summons on my first two turns (the second uses Lifebinder to bring everyone back to life). I noticed that while my summons are dead, they accumulate new traits (you can see the counter furiously increasing in number in the videos). Once the creature is resurrected, the traits freeze at their current number and continue again if it's murdered a second time.

The first video is lower level gameplay before I used traits with my whole team. The second video actually uncovered another bug that I didn't even notice until recording. Apparently the entire TEAM's Artifact traits get inherited with the Undivided Abomination trait instead of simply his own. I'm not sure if there are criteria that need to be meet to reproduce.

There's a noticable slowdown (mostly in the second video), but it gets simply unbearable in boss fights, as the problem causes each turn to last significantly longer than the last, getting into the multiple *minutes* for a single turn.

I tried to figure out how to embed these and gave up.

Please fix the slowdowns before Siralim3 comes out! Your games are so great, and some of these issues might not be as apparent on a PC with significantly beefy hardware, so they tend to go unnoticed or swept under the rug. Solving some of these endless loop problems will definitely help though.

I don't like the dedicated slot idea simply because any team would be automatically gimped if they don't take advantage of it. Although, if there was, say, an additional row for summons, but each summoned creature lowered all stats by 10-20% that would work really well.

I simply think the biggest weakness of recent summoning was the randomness, since having a 3-member party was actually a strength with the altar.

My first character in 2 was a death mage with a party of 3. 3 summons before battle, then traits from aboms, wights, and phoenixes made for a *REALLY* strong team.

Although I only really used the summons as food, so that kinda supports your original post...

You know, on the topic of speed, I'd also like to see a bit of increased speed across various game functions as well either by default or as toggle options.

For example, having to wait to get quite far into the game for a movement speed buff was a bit painful. I think you realized that because you gave us the NG+ option to enable it permanently.

Also, the default battle speed was pretty sluggish. Luckily turbo helped this, but boss fights got pretty drawn-out, especially with my death mage who relied on multiple sacrifices/resurrections for stat boosts and AoE damage. I'd love to see an option that made buff/debuff messages optional for more skilled players to simply look at the icons as well as something that would let area effects happen faster or simultaneously. Waiting through 6 different buff sessions could get slightly overwhelming, especially with extra traits and whatnot that made those things take effect more than once and then repeating the process on the next turn.

As for stats, maybe have a maximum stat buff (of, say, 100% or 200% etc.) And use some sort of visual bar that would be filled up based on the percentage of buff a creature has, like a mini bar graph inside the creature portraits, colored based on which stat is buffed. That would even allow us to turn off stat boost messages in combat to simply see where they're at, leaving us simply with damage and healing messages coupled with persistent UI for the rest.

Edit: Also, I'd like to see a reduction in the amount of "loops" the player can get stuck in. Too often, I'd be stuck in a "when hit" type loop with enemies. It also happens with stat reductions and increases with traits that buff stats when other stats get buffed, then reduce enemy stats, then buff other stats based on a percentage, then hit enemies, etc. I understand these types of things are impossible to cut out completely with such a huge game with so many traits and buffs, but I felt like it happened way too often in 2.

Ultimately, however, I'm really excited for release and can't wait to dive in.

[Archived] Siralim 3 - Development Discussion / Re: What I'd like
« on: January 15, 2018, 02:14:51 AM »
"1-2 Primary Stats (just like in Siralim 2. Also, artifacts with 2 primary stats are now much stronger than they were in Siralim 2)"

Can't post the link fully, but it's in the "Artifacts and Artifact Realms" news update on the main page.

[Archived] Siralim 3 - Development Discussion / Battle speed (buffs etc.)
« on: January 15, 2018, 02:02:15 AM »
One of the biggest issues I had with 2 was some pretty severe slowdowns once I started getting a pretty beefy team. It mostly happened when buffing stats, which I noticed was overhauled for 3, but some battles which should have otherwise lasted seconds took minutes. Even without stat buffing, I sometimes had severe slowdowns between actions even using the sped up version of gameplay.

I hope that those types of issues are addressed along with the ability to keep battles quick and efficient since we'll be involved in so many.

I don't know if it was an issue on the PC, as I played on Android, but I'm hoping that once I've got a full team of heavy hitters and there are potentially multiple spells and stat boosts with multiple targets, I'll still have a smooth experience.

I'm excited for release. Thanks for awesome games.

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