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Support / Arena Bug: Debuffs carry over
« on: December 25, 2018, 11:05:25 PM »
1) Bug


3) Arena Fights: when doing Arena, effect and Health from former fights in the Arena sometimes continue to have effect in new fights. Often I enter fights with several debuffs and severely damaged from the get-go. This sometimes keeps on going on until I either have a complete team wipe or leave the arena, other times it just drops after a few new rounds.

4) Windows 10 (playing on Steam using an Xbox Joystick)

5) version 2.5.0

6) For me it seems to happen randomly maybe 1/2 time.
I read some older posts regarding "Arena" but couldn't find any that matched this.

Edit: This post was originally "Singularity still bugged" but I missed the former post that explained how Singularity really worked. I tried to delete the whole post but found no such alternative so I wrote another bug on the same post instead.

Suggestion: Rephrase the Singularity ability to not have more players waste Cores, Gems & Disks of Black Holes + time and energy.

Love the Game, Happy Xmas everybody!

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