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General Discussion / Scaling and the only real problem with Siralim
« on: September 05, 2015, 08:07:23 AM »
Ok let me first start of by saying that SIralim is one of the most interesting and compelling RPGs I have played in a long time. I love how much there is to discover, and I love how I kept getting the feeling I was just barely starting to master the game even after many (hundreds now) hours of play.

Eventually though everyone will reach the same conclusion: 95% of the game content becomes obsolete in the "endgame". The only lasting content has to scale independently.

Attack, Speed, Damage, Defense, Luck and even maximum health to a degree are completely useless after a certain level. Thus, artifact stats that boost these abilities are also useless. Eventually artifacts turn into legendary ability holders and the rest of the stats are meaningless. The exact level at which all of your hard earned gear and creatures become useless varies, but rest assured they will eventually be useless unless they are based on scaling mechanics.

Nether creatures and Nether Demons are similarly useless because the only advantages they give are in non scaling abilities! I figured this out before I really started investing any time into creating a nether team thankfully, but many people will waste dozens or even hundreds of hours on such a team only to realize that regular creatures are just as good as nether creatures in the endgame because of scaling.

We need to add an avenue that allows teams that are based on non-scaling stats to function in the end game. Here would be one example:

Infinite Hands - This creature can hold unlimited artifacts, but it only gets the legendary effects from the first.

With that ability in the game you now have a reason to collect and level up artifacts. All of those obsolete crafting materials become useful too. It doesnt seem too powerful to me at all when compared to scaling abilities like Paranormal Slime.

The main point is that the 95% of the content that becomes obsolete is amazingly fun, and its a huge waste  if we cant find a way for some of these early strategies to find ground in the "endgame".

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