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newer shouldn't overwrite older if older is better

Gameplay and Balance / Re: What do you think about breeding?
« on: May 30, 2018, 12:33:22 AM »
I'm also not a fan of the current system, breeding is essential nothing more than a barrier, a limiter right now. In Siralim 2 it was as well, but it was sort of offset by the fact that your monsters got "stronger" in a way that felt like you were actually accomplishing something with each new egg. Right now it feels like there's no value to breeding. Honestly, I wish the whole system was either gone in terms of level cap, or changed so fundamentally that breeding was a completely new beast, but preferably as an optional way of strengthening monsters.

Yeah, it would be hard to balance properly, but I honestly think it's better have a system that makes overpowered monsters over one that is just unfun to utilize. A super basic idea could be to just provide some very rigid and limited stat growth up to X amount of breedings, and then have there be little or no benefit to breeding past that point. It'll give a reason to pursue that little bit of extra power for your monsters, but nothing that will scale completely out of control at higher depth levels. Basically I just want ideas like that, stuff to give breeding a reason to exist and feel like it's a benefit to the player and not a chore to deal with for progression.
My opinion:
1) Remove level cap restrictions from breeding altogether
2) Prevent core extraction from any creature you haven't stabled (except for a handful of "starter" creatures)
3) Randomize breeding for every players' game

I realize the 2nd and 3rd would require a re-work of the recipe and breeding system, but as it stands, I rarely use breeding to acquire new monsters. My sole purpose for breeding at this point is to raise the level cap of the true team I want to use. And it takes a god awful amount of resources and time to not only level my real team, but also level a team to breed them with to increase level caps. The higher level I get, the worse it feels.

I simply don't have the resources to devote to "mystery" breeds to discover new creatures - and moreover, I can simply climb a level or 5 and get a plethora of new ones from which to immediately extract. There's zero impetus for me to discover new creatures via breeding when all I truly need is just one of their cores.

Again, Psylia has outlined the problems and offered solutions that I would personally love to see put in the game. Hell I would even be willing to compromise at this point. Keep the level cap if you must, but instead of breeding to raise it you sacrifice a creature like the altar (basically the same thing you do now to breed). The difference here is you keep the pedigree creature with all its seeds and spell gems etc still attached. Call it "infusing" or something like that. This is how you add heredity to your existing critter without killing them. Make the Fairy bottles add some Heredity too.

This would save the hassle of re-equipping your creatures every. single. time. you breed them to raise the cap. Also each infusion should add more levels to the cap than just 10.

...all of that said: This system is still way better than gene strength which made S2 completely unplayable for me until NG+ fixed nearly everythign that was wrong with that game. If it were me id remove heredity from S3 alltogether, it's way too similar to Gene Strength and equally pointless taken on its own.

Gameplay and Balance / Re: Feedback on 0.026 Damage and XP changes
« on: May 30, 2018, 12:26:40 AM »
Love the xp changes, I never encountered the damage cap so I have no opinion on the diff.

Gameplay and Balance / Re: Traits on Artifacts Weighted?
« on: May 30, 2018, 12:26:02 AM »
It's the same for me. The materials are weighted towards what critters you have already got apparently. This would probably be ok on it's own, but it with Gore Knives in S3, hunting for materials / artifacts with traits has been trivialized. Why bother searching realms for materials that are weighted against you when you can just sacrifice the mob and get it's material?

You are better off spending the time you would be searching for mats experimenting with breeding or collecting cores.

Support / +/- Stat calculation error
« on: May 30, 2018, 12:20:21 AM »
Found a calculation bug
If I have an effect that reduces Defense by 80% (the cap) but a critter has a trait like "Parry" which gives it bonus defense
I get the "stat already too low" warning even though it has 125% of its default stat

And then it actually charges about 7500-10k crystal and will put you in the negative if you dont have enough.

Support / Re: Buy a charm makes your crystal negative
« on: May 28, 2018, 12:31:03 PM »
happened again, this time with a dread wight. It cost me a net of 8k crystal this time, basically makes the candle unusable.

Support / Buy a charm makes your crystal negative
« on: May 28, 2018, 07:44:21 AM »
I bought a charm from the divine candle and after it subtracted 2500 crystal, it turned the value negative. See screenshot. Doesn't happen every time. The core i used was skeletal triggerman.

Please be patient.  Erebyss's buff will become toggleable soon (today I believe) and you'll be able to disable heredity when new game plus is implemented.
If you have to disable a feature via NG+, the feature wasn't implemented correctly in the first place.

I enjoy breeding, and I like the idea of the heredity system - I just loathe the implementation. When you start getting into the N4 (lv 200+) creatures, it simply takes too long to have to breed creatures for a generation just to increase caps so you can breed creatures to increase caps so you can breed them to finally increase caps on your main team you actually want to use.

Breeding should have been left entirely to new creature discovery/use only rather than stat (S2) / level cap (S3) increases.

My suggestion (and it's a large redesign):
1) Remove the ability to extract cores from anything but the starter creatures unless the player has unlocked the creature via breeding already.
2) Randomize creature breeding per game. So one games' recipes will not be the same as another's games'.

This does two things - it promotes discovery of the breeding recipes with creature experimentation, and forces the player to use the system in the game for actually making new creatures.
In S2 for example, I didn't really use the system much because I could easily look up and find how to make the creatures I wanted to make.
In S3, there's so many breeding recipes that result in the same creature that I'm finding myself rarely bothering to breed anything for a new creature. Resources are tight, and I can just go up a few floors and new enemies will appear that I can extract from. I feel that S3 is a real let-down here. I feel forced to expend massive resources to expand level caps - not for adding new and interesting creatures to my stables. And adding new and interesting creatures should be what breeding is about, no?

100% agree here. I guess our answer is NG+, but I feel like the system is clearly and obviously flawed in its current implementation and it should be fixed regardless.

The experience gain of critters at the stable makes this problem basically unsolvable for me unless I start a new game entirely.

System needs help!!

Having to create spellgem teams in order to avoid the hassles of the breeding is symptomatic of a system that is not healthy.

Suggestions / Re: Some cosmetic issues / sounds
« on: May 27, 2018, 07:54:44 AM »
i think the numbers that appear as a countdown are done that way to signify that the creature is the ineffective type against the enemy.  Kinda like the weapon triangle in fire emblem
If true, then we need to be told that somehow. I had no idea that's what it meant and I've played thousands of hours on the first two games.

Suggestions / Some cosmetic issues / sounds
« on: May 27, 2018, 07:44:41 AM »
-Combat font, especially for the numbers, is pretty ugly. There are so many cool looking fonts out there, this one is generic looking at best.

-The non combat font looks slightly improved over S2, but still seems pretty generic. Fonts can give games a lot of character, especially RPGs. Why is ours so generic / courier / ariel??

-I dislike the ellipses after every non critical hit. Single digit damage numbers end up looking like a countdown  "3... 2... 1..." Keep the exclamation after the criticals though.

-The location of the combat numbers and their color often causes issues as well. I purpose a more intuitive color scheme for damage types. Normal = white, Crits = yellow, 0 damage and dodges can be gray. Overall there is too much text polluting the number pop ups and it causes confusion during turbo mode.

-Music in S3 is 1mil times better than S2 BUT the sound effects are basically the same. A ton of your spell effects have tinny, chimey type of noises that are all pretty similar. Siralim being what it is, sometimes we cast tons of spells or effects in a row while we Turbo Mode through combat. The end result is a game with fantastic music being drowned out by a bunch of chime sound effects on auto repeat. I ended up just turning off the sound effects, but I greatly miss the menu sounds. We can do better here.

-will add more to this tread

The easy solution is just to have creatures that run away drop a core of the lead creature when you catch them along with the tiny XP/Resources.

I ran into this issue fairly early on. My solution was simply to make a brand new team at level 1 and go core capturing. It did feel like a step back, but in the end, it was two steps forward with the cores I gathered. And now I have a decent B team that can also capture cores quickly and effectively.

But I extracted cores from EVERY SINGLE monster while leveling up! The problem is I wasted all of my "useful" cores experimenting with breeding combinations. So I have tons of cores, just none that I can make a coherent team from. I am now being punished for that experimentation by getting locked out of lower level cores. It's a poor system design. Make the running away monsters drop some cores, or don't let them run away. That's an easy fix.

The level cap system is still a poorly designed "grind 4x as much as you should have to" type of system. Think about it, if you design a team that you like you actually have to make 4 copies at a minimum of that team and level them all up. That way when you hit lvl cap at 50 you breed them together and now you have 2 copies of the team. Repeat the process again at 100 and pray you get sick of the game before you need to raise the cap again because you are out of extra copies.

With new game plus I will turn that crap off immediately and just level 1 team to 100 like a normal system.

Also, how is heredity different from the gene strength system that stunk up S2?

No, the creatures from lower levels are running now.

Full story: I was working on a hound group and I was avoiding internet spoilers so I wasted a lot of blood hounds experimenting with breeding combinations. When my "main team" of skeletal cannoneers hit the wall at realm lvl 33 it was too late to go back and try and extract cores for a new team.

Sure I guess I can just extract cores from the few monsters that are still high level enough to not run from me but those monsters teams are even worse than my main crew of cannons... So what am I expected to do?

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