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Support / Re: [PS4] Game now crashes on startup
« Last post by Zack on May 02, 2019, 08:15:36 AM »
Unfortunately, that definitely means your save file is corrupt and didn't save properly. The game was probably still in the middle of saving data (hence your ultra-slow movement) which caused it to corrupt. I'm very sorry about this. I'm going to look into a way to prevent you from resuming play until the game is 100% done saving - I guess I didn't realize that it could ever take that long to save on PS4 since it's instant on desktop/mobile.

I would like to offer you a full refund of the game via PayPal. I know that won't mitigate any of the frustration you experienced, but at least then you can try out another game instead. If you're interested in a refund, please e-mail me at [email protected]. Outside of that, please let me know if there's anything else I can do to help.
Support / [PS4] Game now crashes on startup
« Last post by Ottum on May 01, 2019, 09:08:08 PM »
tl;dr Saved after lag spike caused by mass salvage, now game crashes before main menu, and before version number is shown. Error code at bottom of post.

My game had been getting increasingly laggy (20+ seconds to save and anything that involves saving such as loading Nex or the Shady Dealer) so I decided to clear out most of my inventory. I had 120 pages of artifacts (about 2k artifacts) and a similar number of Spell Gems.

Despite saving up to pay off Torun, I could not afford to mass grind my spell gems, meaning I could not afford to fix what was probably causing the lag in my game, but that is a balance issue. I had about 600k essence whereas I needed 700k. Even if I had the amount I needed, I would have been hesitant to undo tens of hours of grinding to reduce lag, and discarding gems individually is not realistic.

What I did do is mass salvage my artifacts. My game froze for about 15 minutes (literally. This is on a regular PS4, not a PS4 Pro) before giving me the pop up window with my resultant materials. The game was now running very slowly, for example my character was moving much slower than usual (I keep the movement speed on 4X in the gameplay options) and I think the moving about in the menu of materials I received from the artifact salvage was also slow, as were NPC idle animations.

I decided to save/quit to see if it would fix the issue before doing anything else important. The save was slow as usual but the game did not freeze. I always move my character around for a couple seconds after a save to be sure it should be "done saving." I did not close the game during the actual save.

I quit the game from the PS4 home menu once I thought it was safe and restarted the game, but was given a scrollable error message before seeing the main menu. Again, I did not got the error after choosing a save file, but before seeing the options to select continue/new game/credits.

I tried resetting my PS4, and I tried deleting and re-downloading the game, but still got the same error. I'm fairly sure it's tied to a corrupted save, so it's strange that I can't create a new file. I could clear out all the Siralim data from my hard drive, but that's a last resort and if I lose my character I'm not willing to start a fresh one.

Anyway here's the error code. I've shortened the hashtag lines and might miss spaces but the important stuff I'll try to copy as accurately as I can.

action number 1
of Async Event: Save-Load
for object obj_resolution:

Cannot apply sqrt to negative number.
at gml_Script_scr_PlayerLevel
stack frame is
Suggestions / Re: Post-game and Endgame Idea Compilation!
« Last post by Raikomaru on April 30, 2019, 02:06:44 PM »
Hey, some cool stuff! Thanks for sharing, C7, some cool ideas there!
Suggestions / Re: Post-game and Endgame Idea Compilation!
« Last post by C7 on April 30, 2019, 01:22:07 PM »
Ilberd needs some love, and we need some room for new things so makin the best of BOTH worlds right now.

Side Quest: Ilberd's Request
Objective: Give Ilberd 1m in each resource
Reward: Side Quest

Side Quest: Ilberd's Promise
Objective: Complete 1 of each quest: The Robes off Their Back, Quality Construction, Twinkling Titanite, Conquest for Cores, Citizens of a Growing Empire, Armaments for War, Pelted with Gifts, Calling of Arms.
Reward: Construction Table (Upstairs)

Construction Table
Similar to Siralim 1 and 2. you pay resources to unlock things for your castle. It works differently, however. You pay a fair bit of resources and obtain a side quest. Once you finish the side quest, you obtain the reward. It starts with one blueprint but you can get more by finding them in realms or talking to certain NPC's.

Blueprint: Magical Jukebox
Obtained: Start
Price: 100k of each resource
Side Quest: What the Funk?
Objective: Grind 100 Runes and Gems to power this new machine.
Reward: Magical Jukebox, Ability to find Records in chests and grinding, Blueprint: Jukebox MK II.

Blueprint: Jukebox MK II
Obtained: Completing
Price 200k of each resource
Side Quest: Funk it Up
Objective: Find 10 mechanical parts to upgrade the Magical Jukebox
Reward: Ability to change the songs that play in each area.

Blueprint: Enchanted Recycling Bin
Obtained: Talking to Luna after obtaining the Construction Table
Price: 1m of each resource
Side Quest: Reasons why you should Recycle
Objective: Grind 100 Spell Gems and 100 Artifacts
Reward: Enchanted Recycling Bin

Blueprint: Achievement Trophy
Obtained: Realms
Price: 100k of each resource
Side Quest: Achievement Gotten
Objective: Find the Achievement Trophy in a realm
Reward: Activement Trophy

Blueprint: Theater Room
Obtained: Bought from Purple Jester for 100 Cloth Scraps after obtaining the Construction Table
Price: 1m of each resource
Side Quest: Find the Costume Maker
Objective: Find the Costume Maker (Red Jester) in realms
Reward: Costume Maker

Blueprint: Itherian Powerflux
Obtained: Itherian Realm Depth 100+
Price: 500k of each resource
Side Quest: Finding the Powerflux
Objective: Beat the boss of Itherian realm 200+
Reward: More Sigil Properties

Magical Jukebox
This item fixes and plays weird stones called "records". These stones are found in chests and rarely when grinding runes or spell gems. Upgrading it makes it's magic powerful enough to change the songs that play in the background of battles, realms, and even the castle.

Records and Record Shards
There (should be) is a record for every song in Siralim 1-3. (Zach can add whatever he pleases other than these) Each record takes 10 Record Shards to make and it makes a random record you do not have yet.

Enchanted Recycling Bin
This item replaces your Enchanted Trashcan and allows Luna to configure more options for the item. Instead of removing the items from the pool like the trashcan however, it replaces them with resources.

Costume Maker
"Have you ever wanted to look like your pal over there?" You see him point to your (First creature in party). "I can make you look like that for just some cloth and some resources."
This NPC can make a costume of ANY creature. All you need to pay is 20 Cloth Scraps, that creatures core, and that creature's legendary material. To get the creature's singular pallet you have to obtain the singular once and already have it's costume. It would cost 50 cloth scraps, one core (not singular), and one legendary material.

Achievement Trophy
This item gives you rewards for completing a certain amount of achievements. Usually resources, but DOES give talismans. Note there is no rewards for completing Story quests.
X category 10%: 10k Resources
X category 20%: 20k Resources
X category: 30%: 50k Resources
X category 40%: 75k Resources
X category 50%: Talisman
X category 60%: 100k Resources
X category 70%: 1m Resources
X category 80%: 5m Resources
X category 90%: 10m Resources
X category 100%: 100m Resources

Sigil Properties
[R] Chests contain more (Spell Gems/Resources/Eggs/Tomes/Emblems/Runes/Seeds/Bottled Fairies/Misc Items/loot)
Bonus: 5%
Rarity: Adds to Chests contain more Artifacts (Artifacts 25% Spell Gems 25% Resources 25% Emblems 5% Runes 5% Bottled Fairies 5% Misc Items (Any other item not listed) 5% Eggs 2% Tomes 1% Seeds 1% Loot 1%)
[E] Nemesis Enemies always have X Affix
Bonus: 10%
Rarity: Normal Affixes 80%, Greedy 19%, Genius .5% Knowledgable .5%
[E] Enemies all share their traits with each other.
Bonus: 10%
[E] Enemies drop X% (10-200) more resources
Bonus: 1% per 10%
[P] Your Perks have no effect
Bonus: 20%
[R] Contains extra Singulars (Doubles the singular chance) (Note this is really rare)
Bonus: 20%
[P] Your creatures have X% (10-200) less X (Attack/Intelligence/Speed/Defense/Health)
Bonus 2% per 10%

Costume Maker I
Obtain 1 creature costume
Points: 1
Costume Maker II
Obtain 10 creature costumes
Points: 2
Costume Maker III
Obtain 50 creature costumes
Points: 3
Costume Maker IV
Obtain 100 creature costumes
Points: 5
Costume Maker V
Obtain 250 creature costumes
Points: 7
Costume Maker VI
Obtain 500 creature costumes
Points: 10

All: Overachiever's Crown
Character: Great Fairy Wings
Creatures: Genetic Tome
Items: Warehouse Box
Gods: Golden Charm
Battles: ???
Realms: Discount Coupon
Castle: ???

Talisman: Overachiever's Crown
Achievement Points are worth X% more (1% per level)
Level 100 reward: Achievement Points grant a bonus to resource gain in battle .1% per point
Max Level: 100

Talisman: Great Fairy Wings
Increases your chance to find Gore Knives by X% (1% per level)
Level 100 reward: Sacrifices with the Gore Knives gives 1 deity point
Max Level: None

Talisman: Genetic Tome
Increases your chance to find Blood Knives by X% (1% per level)
Level 100 Reward: Sacrificing Primed creatures with the Blood Knife gives it's respective gene
Max Level: None

Talisman: Discount Coupon
Merchant sells items at a X% discount. (.5% per Level)
Level 100 bonus: Merchants will appear twice as often.
Max Level: 100

Talisman: Warehouse Box
Merchant sells X% more items. (1% per Level)
Level 100 bonus: Merchant will rarely sell new, somewhat pricey items. (Knives, Eggs, Cards, Rune Dust(10), Tomes, Pills of Upgrading, Fairy Bottles, Map of Farsight (Dunno why this is not sold already; normal rarity for this item) Seeds, Record Shards)
Max Level: None

Talisman: Golden Charm
Increases Favor gained by X% rounded down. (1% per level)
Level 100 Bonus: Doing anything in a realm gives a small amount of favor (1-2 favor for breaking objects, battling (upon win), opening chests that is unaffected by this taliman's bonus)
Max Level: 400
Update: I've noticed this happening after returning to the overworld from a battle as well. Last time was after beating a mimic in an itherian realm.
Suggestions / Re: Idea for monthly event: Star Festival
« Last post by C7 on April 30, 2019, 01:09:18 PM »
YKW, this shouldn't be just a summer event.

It should just be a "minor" event that adds the ability to get X creature during when the stars would actually align
Suggestions / Re: Post-game and Endgame Idea Compilation!
« Last post by Raikomaru on April 29, 2019, 03:52:26 AM »
Just posting to say that I've split up the content of my big thread into two other threads and fixed the links in the first post accordingly.
Suggestions / Re: The Unaligned Realms: Raiko's Realm Ideas.
« Last post by Raikomaru on April 29, 2019, 03:50:12 AM »

Floor: Rocky floors with the occasional patch of grass.
Walls: Crumbling, abyssal holes, as well as a moonlit, cloudless night sky.
Presiding Deity: None!

One of the newly-discovered Unaligned Realms, revealed when the Ruler of Siralim's power was scattered upon their death. Scholars theorize that this realm is the opposite of Prehistoria, while others speculate this is simply a place at the furthest edge of the world. A remote, lonely cliffside, overlooking a listless sea and revealing a breathtaking view of the moon, this place is home to some highly unusual monsters, and treasure to go with them.

Clear Crystal: Like the purple crystal from Lister's realm, except clear. These work like mirrorballs.
Telescope: Like the ones from Zonte's realm. Have a look at the moonlit sky through one of these for a realmwide buff. Sometimes, though, you might spot an Amaranth, which either yields another realmwide buff...or a fight with the Amaranth in question, as well as said Amaranth's posse.
Obelisk: Like the ones from Meraxis' realm. Obelisks like these contain written prophecies of those who were here before...and, as such, are at risk of being torn down by selfish monsters. Tell these vandals that preserving history is more important and gain a random token, Pandemonium included.
Gem Piece: Like the spell gem fragments from Zonte's realm. Collecting them all spawns a diamond that provides a realmwide buff.
Small Hill: Like the webbing mounds from Regalis' realm, except made of soil. Digging here can unearth treasure, but one runs the risk of digging up, say, Imlers and Imlings. Send them back underground to score an Unaligned Token.
Sinkhole: A dark hole leading downward. These are miniboss portals that use underground textures, and the monster that leads the pack here is usually a Colossus with an extra Colossus trait.
Stone Rubble: Like the Granite nodes from Gonfurian's realm. These are the regular breakables for this realm.
Suggestions / Re: The Unaligned Realms: Raiko's Realm Ideas.
« Last post by Raikomaru on April 29, 2019, 03:48:56 AM »

Floor: Vulcanar's magma floor, recolored to be whitish-grey and lacking in magma.
Walls: Azural's ice walls, refigured to look like they're sloping downward.
Effect: A fierce blizzard.
Presiding Deity: None!

One of the newly-discovered Unaligned Realms, revealed when the Ruler of Siralim's power was scattered upon their death. A distant mountain on the southern pole of the world, a place said to be so cold, fire freezes solid, second in butt-freezingly low temperatures only to the Frostbite Caverns, where Azural resides. Navigating this blizzard-blanketed hell is no easy task even IF one can stand the temperatures, as the monsters here are just as fierce as the weather, and will handily snuff out your life if you'll let them!

Pandemonium Token: These just lay about, ready for the taking.
Frozen Campfire: You didn't think we were KIDDING, did ya?! Flames like these can be collected for a nice sum of Crystal and Brimstone...or are in the midst of being crushed by aggressive monsters. Take out the trash and gain even MORE Crystal and Brimstone.
Angel Statue: Like the ones from Surathli's realm. Talk to them all to spawn a special, red-named Nemesis monster who has an extra trait. Defeat this monster to claim a token...Vulcanar, Azural or Unaligned.
Gem Piece: Like the spell gem fragments from Zonte's realm. Collecting them all spawns a diamond that provides a realmwide buff.
Rock Debris: Like the ones from Gonfurian's realm. Clear away this debris for a nice infusion of Granite, or defeat the monsters that were lurking underneath for an Unaligned Token to go with your Granite.
Portal: Like the portals from Surathli's realm. These are miniboss portals that lead to Mt. Kelvin's summit, free of blizzards and showing an amazing view of the full moon against the night sky. The monster that leads the pack here is usually an Elemental or a Jewelavis with an extra Elemental/Jewelavis trait.
Frozen Corpse: This used to be it's just an unidentifiable chunk of frozen meat. These are the regular breakables for this realm.
Suggestions / Re: The Unaligned Realms: Raiko's Realm Ideas.
« Last post by Raikomaru on April 29, 2019, 03:46:54 AM »

Floor: Lines drawn in white ink.
Walls: Walls of blue, like a blueprint, dotted with white ink.
Presiding Deity: None!

One of the newly-discovered Unaligned Realms, revealed when the Ruler of Siralim's power was scattered upon their death. Another realm that doesn't quite seem finished yet, save that the flavor this realm goes for is 'drawn blueprints'. One gets the sense of where everything's supposed to go, and the basics for interaction are there, but it hasn't been given a coat of paint yet, so to speak. This unusual realm does bear treasures for the bold, and for those strong enough to fight the monsters here.

Drawn Tree: A simple, dawn tree with full foliage. For some weird reason, large numbers of Bombardiers like to hide in the branches of trees like this, and drop down when said tree is inspected. Defeat them and claim a random token, Pandemonium Token included.
Drawn Pond: A simple, drawn body of water. Go fishing here for things like treasure chests, random tokens...Pandemonium Token included...or a whole host of angry Crabsters.
Scribble: Just a random, scribbled thing. Jumbled clusters of pure imagination, untangle them to fight a team of monsters that have a high chance of being Godshop monsters. Beat them back into the ether to claim a random token...Pandemonium Token included.
Stick Figures: The local NPCs. Come in male and female flavors. These fine folk are being harassed, however, by very rude monsters, so do them a favor and beat the monsters into the ground. They'll reward you with a random token...Pandemonium Token included...for your effort.
Window Portal: A portal that looks like an open window with a 'swirling' portal inside. These are miniboss portals, and they're usually led by traitless Avatar monsters, like the ones accompanying the Ruler of Siralim.
Crumpled Paper: White sheets of paper, crumpled up. These are the regular breakables for this realm.
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