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Minimap: Differentiate between impassable terrain and unexplored  (Read 1199 times)

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I know I'm kicking up a dead thread, however, I dislike forum clutter and found that I would be remaking a thread with about the same thought.
Just wondering if there are still plans to see the difference between explored and "unknown" space. Even if it's simply to make the unknown space gray or something to that effect.
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The minimap is definitely in need of some love, but from a coding standpoint it would be an ugly feat to accomplish to add walls for now. After we overhaul the graphics (which is happening by the way, if you didn't know :) ), I'll probably remake the minimap entirely so that it's way more detailed.
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Minimap: Differentiate between impassable terrain and unexplored.

It's difficult to determine where to explore sometimes.