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Talisman Ideas  (Read 29 times)

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Talisman Ideas
Reply #1 January 09, 2019, 09:07:21 PM
I've had a few talisman ideas, so I've decided to put them in a post. (May come up with more, will edit post if so.)

Discount Coupon (Random chests)
Merchant sells items at a X% discount. (X=.5*Level)
Level 100 bonus: Merchants will appear twice as often.
Maximum Level: 100

Warehouse Box (Random chests)
Merchant sells X% more items. (X=1*Level)
Level 100 bonus: Merchant will rarely sell new, somewhat pricey items. (Knives, Eggs, Cards, Rune Dust(10), Tomes, Pills of Upgrading, Fairy Bottles, Map of Farsight (Dunno why this is not sold already; normal rarity for this item) Seeds, )
Maximum Level: None (400 if technical reasons limit this)

Butcher Cleaver (Random chests)
Sacrifices have a X% chance of giving a core. (X=.1%*Level)
Level 100 Bonus: Cores obtained from sacrifices have a (SUPER) rare chance to be singular. (like godspawn rare).
Maximum Level: 500 (Or a level that does not make X% 100%)

Pocket Elize (Prophecies)
Increases your chance of finding Blood Knives by X%. (X=1*Level)
Level 100 Bonus: Sacrificing a Primed creature with a Blood Knife gives its heredity as a gene.
Maximum Level: None

Pocket Fairy (Random Chests)
Increases your chance of finding Gore Knives by X%. (X=1*Level)
Level 100 Bonus: Sacrificing anything with a Gore Knife gives 1 Deity Point.
Maximun Level: None

If you want to use them, this is fine by me, you can change anything you want about them, it is your game after all.
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