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Two QoL Suggestions And Two Questions  (Read 144 times)

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Two QoL Suggestions And Two Questions
Reply #1 December 07, 2018, 08:29:33 PM

On the "view battle history" screen, left/right should be pageup/pagedown like they are on the other menus.  Currently, this menu only scrolls one line at a time, which makes it hard to scroll when lots of stuff is happening.  Example: Abomination + Inner Strength fills up the whole screen (36 lines), plus any Echo or Multicast.

For macros, I would like to have "open cast menu" available as a final action.  If nothing else on my macro hits, I'd like to have the cast menu open and manually choose a spell.


For "reset prophecy", does the cost reset or decrease whenever I complete a prophecy?  Or is it 5000 times the total number of times I reset it ever?  Personally, "win 1 tavern brawl" doesn't seem as hopeless a prophecy requirement as other people say, especially with the recent changes.

Does realm depth affect loot?  Assuming I'm not underleveled, and I get no achievements or talisman improvements in the meantime, will I see the same quality/quantity of loot at realm depth 100 as 200?